Who is the girl in the song Paradise by Coldplay?

Who is the girl in the song Paradise by Coldplay?

A girl in the lyrics refers to Xyloto, the female protagonist of the album’s concept. Chris Martin said, “‘Paradise’ is about a girl really, the female half of the album, just about being a bit lost in the world and escaping through fantasy.” The line “Every tear, a waterfall” is a reference to Coldplay’s song “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” .

Are there any religious references in Coldplay’s song Paradise?

Coldplay has been known to make religious references in songs. And in the chorus of “para-para-paradise”, the background singers seem very angelic. BUT… then as the song goes on (life goes on, gets so heavy, the wheel breaks the butterfly) that makes me think that she is still going on with life, but dreaming of a better world (Paradise).

What does the butterfly mean in Paradise by Coldplay?

In this line, it’s assumed that the butterfly is symbolic of the girl – a beautiful and innocent creature – and the ‘wheel’ can be regarded as the ‘Wheel of Fortune’.

When was Para Para Para Paradise a dream?

“Paradise”. When she was just a girl. She expected the world. But it flew away from her reach. So she ran away in her sleep. And dreamed of. Para-para-paradise,

Where did the song Yellow from Coldplay come from?

The title of the song came from the feel of the band during its composition, which was described as filled with “brightness and hope and devotion.” However, the lyrical content was inspired by lead singer Chris Martin’s “unrequited love”. What inspired “Yellow”?

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