Who killed Sibel and Ahmet?

Who killed Sibel and Ahmet?

At the behest of Tayyar and Nedret he has killed Ahmet Denizer. He killed Sibel and Bahar because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Throughout, it is evident that the deepest love he feels is for his younger brother Ömer.

Do Omer and Elif get together?

Omer and Elif end up together, but at times the path is frustrating.

What happens to Tayyar Dundar?

Tayyar Dundar is hanging DEAD in front of Omer Demir ! Omer meets his mates and gives them the news. He goes to Elif inside the room where Nedret is lying dead. Omer tells her that he did not kill him but saw him dying and ensured that he took his last breath.

What is the last episode of black money love?

Episode 22
Kara Para Ask/Latest episode

Who is Metin in the Turkish soap opera?

Metin, whose real name is Fatih, considers Tayyar his uncle, but in reality, Tayyar is his father. Metin/Fatih, whose biological mother was terribly abused by Tayyar, performs his dirty work with ruthless efficiency. Mert, mild-mannered and diffident, stays clear of his father’s business dealings.

Who is Tayyar’s boss in black money love?

Their boss, Ali, is in Tayyar’s pocket, as is Omer’s brother, Huseyin, who outranks him in seniority and position. When Omer discovers the full extent of Huseyin’s foray into crime, he is flabbergasted and devastated. Treachery, though, lurks in every corner of Black Money Love.

Who is Metin in Black Money Love series?

He has a secret son who he adopted as his nephew and made him a criminal and his right hand his nick name is Metin. Metin is young man who was born of a crime (Tayyar raped his mother and then cut her tongue off)and grew up in the dark to become a psycho planning to avenge Tayyar in closest chances.

What was the love story of Elif and Metin?

It tells the story of lost diamonds and unknown killer along with beautiful but somehow (childish) love story of Elif and Omer & Metin and Nilufer. THE other reviews have mentioned enough about everything except for the one thing I believe was the real key to this huge success:Tayyar and Metin (Faith) Dundar.

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