Who makes Soilove?

Who makes Soilove?


Brand Soilove
Manufacturer Part Number 70757002053
Manufacturer America’s Finest Products Corporation

Can you use Soilove on carpet?

Soilove has been successfully used for just about any application: cleaning Jewelry, Carpets, Bathroom, Residue… you name it!

How do you use Soilove?

Product description If garments are color fast, dampen soiled or stained areas with soilove. Wait a few minutes for deeper stains. Place in machine with other washable and proceed with recommended water temperature and your regular detergent. for softer and brighter washes, add a little soilove to each machine load.

Do they still sell Lestoil?

Check Walmart, Lowe’s, ACE, and Home Depot where you live. Then rest assured that you can get Lestoil online as I do, where it remains readily available.

Does Lestoil remove pine sap?

When it comes to removing sap from clothing, I have had very good luck with Pine-Sol or Lestoil. It is worth a try.

Did Spray n Wash go out of business?

Read `n weep: Spray `n Wash is no more!

What happens if you leave Spray and Wash on too long?

No, Spray ‘n Wash® Laundry products should not be left on the garment longer than five minutes, except for Spray ‘n Wash stain stick that can be left on for up to a week. Leaving a product on a garment longer than recommended may damage fabrics.

Is Pine-Sol the same as Lestoil?

Lestoil or Pine Sol Both are made by the same company (Clorox), and they are similar but not identical degreasers. I swear by Lestoil but it can be harder to find than Pine Sol, so if you can’t locate Lestoil grab a bottle of Pine Sol and stash it with your laundry supplies.

Is Lestoil toxic?

Lestoil Grease & Stain Heavy Duty Cleaner While this product may remove grease and stains from your kitchen, it does so with petroleum-derived ingredients, potential carcinogens and other toxic chemicals. Overall, this cleaner earned an F from the EWG.

Which is better Spray and Wash or Shout?

And Shout Advanced Stain Lifting Aerosol didn’t do much better. In the end, it was Resolve Spray and Wash that removed the most stains. And at 10 cents an ounce, it’s the cheapest product tested. Another second stain remover did almost as well in Consumer Reports’ tests.

What is the best stain remover for Laundry?

Here are the best stain removers:

  • Best overall: OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover.
  • Best on a budget: Fels Naptha Laundry Bar Soap.
  • Best eco-friendly: Earth Friendly Stain and Odor Remover Spray.
  • Best for dry-clean-only clothes: K2R Spot Remover.
  • Best on-the-go: Tide to go.
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