Who plays Danno on the new Hawaii Five O?

Who plays Danno on the new Hawaii Five O?

Scott Caan
In the reboot, Danny Williams is portrayed by Scott Caan from 2010 to 2020. Caan portrayed Danny in all ten seasons, appearing in 208 episodes. Caan also portrayed Danny in a crossover episode with NCIS: Los Angeles.

Do Danno and Rachel get back together?

Danno’s ʻohana Rachel had remarried and moved to Hawaii, so Jersey boy Danno, moved reluctantly to Paradise — which he vocally disliked. Rachel and Danno rekindled their love at the end of season one and almost moved back to New Jersey together.

Are Scott Caan and Alex O’Loughlin friends?

O’Loughlin and his co-star Scott Caan had amazing chemistry together as McGarrett and Danno. Just like their characters, Alex and Scott are close in real-life. The two are great friends and often photographed goofing off between filming. Another fun fact about their friendship is that their birthdays are a day apart.

What happened to Danny’s girlfriend Melissa on Hawaii Five-O?

In O kela me keia manawa Melissa meets Danny Williams at a gas station where she asks him the way. She tells him that she’s new on Hawaii and wants to start over there. When she is shot in an accident, Danny calls an ambulance and starts looking for the shooter.

What happened to the original Danno on Hawaii Five-O?

LOS ANGELES — Actor James MacArthur, who played “Danno” in the original version of television’s “Hawaii Five-O,” died Thursday at age 72. MacArthur’s agent, Richard Lewis, said the actor died in Florida of “natural causes.”

What happened to Danny’s girlfriend Melissa on Hawaii Five O?

What happened to Danny’s son on Hawaii 50?

At the end of Season 5, Rachel revealed that Charlie is actually Danny’s son from when the two had an affair. She also revealed that Charlie had a serious illness. Thankfully, Danny was a match as a bone-marrow donor and saved his son’s life.

Did Danno leave Hawaii 5o?

I hear the network explored continuing Hawaii Five-0 with Caan’s Danno and a new partner but, ultimately, everyone decided this was the right time to end the series. “This show has been pretty much every waking moment for the last 10 years of my life,” said O’Loughlin.

Why is Danny called Danno?

Danny started off on the Five-0 Task Force as the only team member with a child. In fact, this nickname, Danno, was what his daughter Grace (Teilor Grubbs) called him since age three when she could not say his name, and all that came out was “Danno.”

When did Zulu leave Hawaii 5o?

After leaving Hawaii Five-O (1968), he wound up as a headliner for several years at Duke Kahanamoukou’s in the International Market Place. After he left there in 1972, he performed at neighbor island hotels and did benefits.

Who is the actor who plays Danno on Hawaii Five-0?

Scott Andrew Caan (born August 23, 1976) is an American actor. He currently stars as Detective Danny “Danno” Williams in the CBS television series Hawaii Five-0 (2010–present), for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. Caan is also known for his recurring role as manager Scott Lavin in the HBO television series Entourage (2009–2011).

Who is leaving the cast of Hawaii Five-0?

With everything about Masi Oka’s exit planned, Hawaii Five-0 gave Max Bergman a winning farewell, with the character retiring from his medical examiner position in Honolulu and taking on a role within Doctors Without Borders.

Who is the second in command on Hawaii Five-0?

Detective Sergeant Daniel “Danny” “Danno” James Williams is a member of the Five-0 Task Force and the de facto second in command. He is an experienced detective whose police background and tendency to go “by the book” clashes with McGarrett’s “shoot now, talk later” style.

What did Steve do to Danny on Hawaii Five O?

Despite Danny’s misgivings, Steve appointed Danny as the second-in-command of the team and also made Danny his partner in the field. Unfortunately, things eventually came to a head in the aftermath of a shooting where Danny threatened Steve, Steve responded by placing Danny in an armlock before forcing Danny to apologize.

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