Who was the first Controller of CITV in 1993?

Who was the first Controller of CITV in 1993?

On 15 February 1993, in-vision presentation was dropped by the first Network Centre controller of children’s & daytime programming Dawn Airey (a former Central management trainee) with Steven Ryde providing live out-of-vision continuity links featuring a wide variety of animated characters.

When did the CITV logo first come out?

This logo was introduced in April 1989 when Stonewall Productions (a company set up by a former Central employee) won the contract to provide interstitial programming for Children’s ITV. 1989–1993

Where does CITV get its call letters from?

For the TV station in Edmonton, Canada that uses the CITV call letters, see CITV-DT. Watch It! The channel began as a children’s programming strand called ‘Watch It!’ in 1981.

When did CITV get its own TV channel?

On 11 March 2006, CiTV was re-launched as CITV and launched its own channel. At the same time, it got a new logo and a new look. It was created by Red Bee Media .

Where was CITV first broadcast in the UK?

A new logo was introduced (with traces predecessors), and henceforth the service was referred to as CiTV, until the 2006 re-brand, initially being broadcast from Studio B at Central’s Gas Street Studios. Central retained the contact to produce CITV for a further two years, seeing off two rival bids from other ITV companies.

When did CITV move to MediaCityUK Salford?

In 2004, presentation of CITV was relocated to Granada Television in Manchester, which saw the demise of in-vision continuity. Nine years later, the operations moved to ITV Granada’s MediaCityUK studios in Salford. In 2006, CITV launched as a channel in its own right.

How many people watch CITV channel a day?

The CITV channel averages around 100,000 viewers between 4pm-6pm every day. The CITV strand on the ITV network airs on weekend mornings from 6 am to 9:25 am, as part of the ITV Breakfast time slot. CITV has no HD or +1 simulcast, unlike the rest of ITV’s portfolio of channels.

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