Why did Journey change lead singer?

Why did Journey change lead singer?

Perry was diagnosed with a degenerative bone condition and a hip replacement was required, and as he was reluctant to rush into the surgery, Perry wanted to postpone the tour. Still hesitant to undergo surgery, and now upset at his bandmates, Perry announced that he was permanently leaving Journey.

What happened to the original lead singer of Journey?

Since leaving Journey officially in 1996 due to a crippling hip injury that prevented him from touring, Perry has been surprisingly absent from music. His lack of creative output was a stark change from his time in Journey, a band that was seemingly either on tour or in the studio for the entirety of the 1980s.

Who have been the lead singers of Journey?


Name Years active Instruments
Jonathan Cain 1980–present keyboards rhythm guitar backing and occasional lead vocals
Randy Jackson 1985–1987 2020–present bass backing vocals
Deen Castronovo 1998–2015 2021–present drums percussion backing and lead vocals
Arnel Pineda 2007–present lead and backing vocals

Who’s touring with Journey in 2020?

The Pretenders
Journey on Tour Journey set an extensive North American tour in 2020 with The Pretenders to feature all new production and hits from start to finish in the 60+ date tour. Fans can expect to hear iconic classics from Journey and The Pretenders.

Does journeys have a new lead singer?

Arnel Pineda is best known as the new lead singer for the rock group Journey. Who Is Arnel Pineda? After a series of unfortunate events in his childhood, Arnel Pineda found success in Asia as the…

Who is the current lead singer of journey?

Journey’s current lead singer is Arnel Pineda. Pineda has been lead singer since 2007, though some would still consider him the “new” lead singer. Prior to Pineda, Steve Augeri was the lead singer from 1998-2006.

When did Arnel join journey?

Arnel Pineda became the lead singer of Journey in late 2007. Arnel Pineda became the lead singer of Journey in late 2007.

Who are the current band members of journey?

Current Journey band members: Neal Schon – guitar (1973-present) Jonathan Cain – keyboards (1980-present) Ross Valory – bass (1973-1985, 1995-present) Arnel Pineda – vocals (2007-present) Deen Castronovo – drums (1998-present)

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