Why does norepinephrine cause tissue necrosis?

Why does norepinephrine cause tissue necrosis?

Extravasation of a vasopressor such as norepinephrine can cause tissue necrosis and ultimately, the loss of a limb due to local vasoconstriction. The terms extravasation and infiltration are often interchanged. Both terms refer to the accidental extravenous administration of medication.

How do you give a norepinephrine drip?

Levophed (Norepinephrine) is a potent alpha/beta-agonist causing vasoconstriction and an increase in blood pressure. It is used for severe hypotension, shock, or bradycardia. Mix 4mg levophed in 250ml of D5W, making the drip 16mcg/ml. The standard effective dose is 2-12 micrograms/min.

How do vasopressors cause necrosis?

Skin necrosis appears in different areas depending on the vasopressor agent used. While vasopressin induces skin necrosis at the extravasation sites or on the muscular parts of the limbs, noradrenaline skin necrosis typically appears on the tips of the fingers and toes, as in the case reported herein.

Why would a vasopressor be harmful to surrounding tissues if it leaked out of the vein?

Extravasation occurs if an infused drug leaks out of the blood vessel into the surrounding tissue, possibly leading to tissue damage, ischemia, and even necrosis. Although this reaction is rare, when it does occur, the effects can be devastating if not appropriately managed.

Can Inotropes cause gangrene?

Microvascular spasm is a rare complication of inotrope use which may lead to extensive peripheral gangrene.

Can dopamine cause gangrene?

The use of dopamine rarely causes symmetric peripheral dry gangrene. If the symmetric peripheral dry gangrene occurs in the patient after dopamine injection, it easily leads to disagreement between doctors and patients.

How long can you stay on Levophed?

Levophed is usually given for as long as needed until your body responds to the medication. Some people must receive this medicine for several days. Your blood pressure, breathing, and other vital signs will be watched closely while you are receiving Levophed.

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