Are Admira classical guitars any good?

Are Admira classical guitars any good?

Admira is a well respected classical guitar maker, its instruments widely available and still made in northern Spain where the company has been since it started in 1944. Ben was impressed with the build quality, particularly bearing in mind the reasonable price for what is, in effect, a largely handmade guitar.

Are Alhambra guitars any good?

It evolved from a smaller workshop where the founders of Alhambra had been making guitars by hand for a few years in the same town. Today Alhambra Guitars enjoy a reputation for outstanding quality, design and sonority. They sell their instruments in 40 countries all over the world.

Are Valencia classical guitars any good?

Similar to the Rocket Guitars, the Valencia Student Series is very popular within Education and has been a go to for many years; building itself an outstanding reputation. As a result, the finish on this guitar is very nice and the overall quality is perfect for a beginner.

What is a solid top classical guitar?

A solid top is an important ingredient in an acoustic guitar, played regularly the top will ”come to life” and mature to its full tonal potential. It’s true, you can make music on a plywood-topped acoustic, too, but such a guitar’s tone and volume will always stay somewhat restricted.

Which classical guitar is best for beginners?

  1. Yamaha C40II. The best beginner’s classical guitar overall.
  2. Cordoba C5. A Spanish-flavoured nylon string acoustic with a touch of class.
  3. Yamaha CG122MSH. The best beginner’s classical guitar for blending price and performance.
  4. Epiphone PRO-1 Classic.
  5. Takamine GC1CE.
  6. Ibanez AEG50N.
  7. Washburn C5CE.
  8. Cordoba Mini II Classical.

What kind of guitar is Admira made of?

Admira Guitars. Quality Classical guitars and Flamenco Guitars made in Spain at very low prices. Admira guitars was founded at the end of 1944 by Enrique Keller Fritsch, Enrique Keller S.A. occupies today an outstanding position amongst the Spanish companies dedicated to the manufacture of Spanish guitars.

What kind of tone does an Admira A15 classical guitar have?

Straight from its box (this guitar doesn’t come with a hard case), the A15 model has a beautiful combination of cedar and rosewood and is finished in high gloss. This is a classic and popular combination of tonewoods for classical guitar, as they produce a fuller tone, which is what is normally expected from a classical guitar.

What kind of fingerboard does an Admira A15 have?

The A15 features a light ebony fingerboard, with a bone nut for maximum sustain. This is also enhanced by its traditional Spanish heel neck joint, which involves carving the neck and headblock from a single piece of wood.

Which is the best guitar for flamenco players?

The neck profile on the Admira Malaga is traditional. The review sample came with a surprisingly low action (for a nylon-string). This makes the Malaga an excellent choice for a beginner, but also a very viable candidate for flamenco players, who prefer a very fast action and a clicking attack.

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