Are GH Bass loafers good?

Are GH Bass loafers good?

Overall then, we’d say that a pair of Weejuns from G.H. Bass and company is worth it if you’re looking to spend just enough money to get a smart casual shoe with solid but unremarkable built.

Are GH Bass true to size?

take great care in creating the perfect shoe; so you should take equally good care when it comes to finding the most comfortable pair for you, too. The most important piece of information that you need to know is G.H. Bass & Co shoes fit true to size.

Is GH Bass Online going out of business?

Bass, Wilsons Leather stores to be liquidated in company restructuring. As part of the move, the company is closing its 110 Wilsons Leather and 89 G.H. Bass stores. (Both brands will continue to do business online.)

Are GH Bass shoes comfortable?

Bass shoes, they’re well made, comfortable, and, I expect, durable. I recommend them to anyone who wants a loafer that’s a bit out of the ordinary.

Do GH Bass weejuns stretch?

Weejuns soles are leather, so they are slippery on ice. The leather will stretch a bit and relax after you wear them few times and they’ll be great friends for years to come.

Are Bass weejuns still made?

Phillips-Van Heusen Corp., Bass’ parent company, is shutting its plant here–eliminating 350 jobs–and moving the manufacturing operations to other factories in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, far from the Yankees who made the shoes popular.

Do Bass shoes run large?

This shoe runs very large. I wear a size 6, and I read the reviews that said to order down so I ordered 1 size down (size 5, smallest size offered) and it’s still too big. I bought some pads to go in the back of the heel to avoid blisters, because these will give them to you until you break them in.

Where does g.h.bass make their shoes?

Allen Edmonds, for example, makes most of their shoes in the US. However, as with a great many number of historic American brands, Bass, at this point, has moved construction of their shoes to other locations and in this case, both of the pairs we ordered were put together in El Salvador. As for fit and comfort, both pairs fit true to size.

What are the reviews of GH Bass and co?

G.H. Bass & Co. has a consumer rating of 1.58 stars from 40 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about G.H. Bass & Co. most frequently mention customer service and second pair problems. G.H. Bass & Co. ranks 598th among Shoes sites.

What are the styles of G.H bass Weejuns?

For today’s review, we selected two different styles of Weejuns from G.H Bass & Co. to find out if they really are worth the investment. First is the Logan, which is billed as the original style and a modern take on the 1936 classic. It comes with a dyed edge leather sole and a flat strap across the vamp.

What’s the price of a g.h.bass loafer?

The other style is the Larson in blue which features a natural colored leather sole and contrast stitching, as well as decorations on the side of the saddle strap, referred to in the loafer world as beefrolls. Both of these pairs retail on the Bass website for a price of $110.

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