Are the Shure SE215 good?

Are the Shure SE215 good?

The Shure SE215 have an average-to-decent performance for mixed usage. They have a comfortable in-ear fit and great passive isolation that is on par with some of the best noise cancelling headphones we’ve tested.

What is Chi Fi?

Online, the phenomenon is known as “Chi-fi” — a mashup of “Chinese” and “high-fidelity.” It’s usually used to refer to portable audio gear — they’re almost always earbuds, which sit outside the ear canal like AirPods, or in-ear monitors (IEMs), which have squishy tips and actually go inside the ear canal — that come …

Is iFi Audio Chinese?

“It’s a known fact that AMR/iFi are a British company. It’s also true that our Pro iDSD and every other iFi/AMR product are made in China where we’re fortunate to own our own factory. Our circuit boards, chassis, software design, manufacturing/production are all handled in-house and divided between the UK and China.

Is the Shure se-215 sound quality good?

Shure SE-215 – Sound Quality (8/10) A very very good sound quality was observed during the Shure SE-215 review. They adhere to the Shure focus on the mids and simply put I would find it hard to justify the increase in price for the 425 for the average listener. Consequently, it is much preferred to the 315 of which I wasn’t a fan of.

Which is better the Shure se215 or the FiiO FH1?

It is thicker than the SE215’s nozzle. On the other hand, the SE215 has a little bit more of a utilitarian design. It’s shell is slightly transparent (except for the white color), so one can see the inner workings of the IEM. The Shure logo goes across the outside with the model number on the opposite side of the shell.

Which is the best Shure in ear monitor?

When it comes to audio peripherals, Shure is among the top-tier brands audiophiles recommend. It is known for its in-ear monitors that offer studio-quality audio in a compact form factor. The SE215 is the cheaper of the two products, and it’s meant for people who are looking for a more affordable option.

Which is the best Shure phone to buy?

I have always been a Shure man. The first set of higher audio phones that I have ever owned and started this mad obsession was the Shure E2C and what was to follow was a love affair, since I have owned the E3C, SE210, SRH440, SRH840 (I still use the pads on my Fostex t50rp) SE530 and se535 along with my favorite the se425.

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