Are Touya and Yukito together in the manga?

Are Touya and Yukito together in the manga?

The Clear Card manga arc is still ongoing, and fans can expect a new season anytime in the future. If it’s Clamp, it’s possible. There’s no reason for Touya and Yukito to not be together. As for the relationship concerned, the show doesn’t have to explicitly say everything, fans know how to read between the lines.

Does Tomoyo have a crush?

In the manga, some scenes give the appearance that Tomoyo has a crush on Sakura’s brother Touya; however, according to an interview in the Cardcaptor Sakura Memorial Book, this was an error caused by one of the finishing artists not being aware that CLAMP intended for Tomoyo to have feelings for Sakura.

Who is Yue in Touya X Yukito?

Touya x Yukito was definitely my first introduction to a gay ship and one of the most well done and healthy LGBTQA relationships in an anime/manga series ~ Yukito is actually the human form of Yue, one of the guardians of the Clow Cards.

What happens when Sakura confesses her feelings to Yukito?

Soon afterwards Sakura confesses her feelings to Yukito. He inclines as he “thought as much”. Earlier that day, Yukito told Touya how alarmed he was that he had suddenly learned about the existence of Yue and the falsehood of most of his memories, but Touya replies that it doesn’t matter to him since the moments he has as himself are real.

Why does Yue turn back into Yukito Tsukishiro?

Yue tells Cerberus that his magic is running out and that Sakura can no longer sustain him. He then mentions there may be another source, but doesn’t tell Cerberus what that is. Sakura comes back and Yue instantaneously transforms back into Yukito. Naturally, he was a bit confused.

Who is Yukito’s rival in the Cardcaptor Sakura?

Syaoran acts as a rival against Sakura for Yukito’s affection. However, it is discovered later that Syaoran was just attracted to the magical energies of the moon residing within Yukito, as Syaoran draws his magical power from the moon. In Cardcaptors his fear for Yukito is much more apparent.

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