Can any tattoo artist do a cover-up?

Can any tattoo artist do a cover-up?

A cover-up tattoo can be done over an existing tattoo of virtually any size, design, and colour, although certain designs and colours lend themselves more to a cover-up tattoo. A skilled tattoo artist can cover-up almost any tattoo and leave you with new ink that you’ll want to show off, not conceal.

How much can a tattoo artist cover-up?

Cover-up tattoos generally need to be larger than the size of your original tattoo. “My rule of thumb is that they need to be 2-3 times the size of the original tattoo we are covering,” says Amanda Graves, who works at Spill the Ink Tattoo in Edgewood, Maryland.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo cover-up?

You can hide a tattoo on your neck and under your hair, on your pouty bottom lip, on the soles of your feet, and in between your fingers — to name just a few real estate spots. If these tat locations are good enough for celebs, they’re certainly good enough for you.

Do cover ups hurt more?

Which tattoos are the most painful? So, you should think your decisions through very carefully and choose a motif that’s timeless and the right thing for you, because cover-ups hurt ten times more than a regular tattoo.”

Is it better to get a tattoo removed or covered up?

Not only does laser tattoo removal make things easier on your tattoo artist, but it will open up the aesthetic possibilities for new body art. Laser tattoo removal before a cover-up can be especially helpful when the desired cover-up contains a lot of detail.

Is a cover up tattoo more expensive?

Prepare your funds. Sometimes, the cover-up tattoos can be a bit more expensive than the usual ones. This happens because the artist needs a lot of creativity and work to cover an old tattoo beautifully. Cheap tattoos are not good tattoos, and in time, they would look worse and worse.

How hard is it to cover-up a black tattoo?

It isn’t easy; it requires blending, shading, detail and depth of color applied with skill, which is why it’s worth taking the time to do careful research and find an artist in your area who specializes in cover up tattoos.

Are there tattoo artists that do cover up tattoos?

There are so many talented tattoo artists who specialize in cover-up tattoos just waiting for people like you to step into their shops, admit they have a problem they need help with, and begin the renewing process of ridding their bodies of bad ink.

Who are the best tattoo artists in Los Angeles?

Hailin and Gloria have over 20 years of combined tattooing experience and specialize in Chinese historical and mythological styles. The studio is open six days a week and operates a studio space that is full of genuine antiques and artifacts from Asia.

Do you need laser tattoo removal for a cover up tattoo?

Have a few sessions of laser tattoo removal before getting a cover-up tattoo, if your artist strongly recommends it based on the age/darkness of your original tattoo and the design you want for your cover-up tattoo. Laser tattoo removal really does work, and it could mean the difference between the success and failure of your cover up tattoo.

How big should a tattoo cover up be?

Be open to at least looking at the modifications your artist is suggesting, knowing that any changes made will be put in place to give you the best cover-up tattoo possible.Understand that a good cover-up tattoo almost always has to be bigger than the original tattoo it’s covering–sometimes 2x bigger, if not more.

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