Can iPhone users hide their online status on WhatsApp?

Can iPhone users hide their online status on WhatsApp?

Select “Settings” and navigate to the “Account” section. Go to “Privacy.” Tap on “Last seen” and select “Nobody” if you want to hide your online status completely.

Does WhatsApp show online when in background iPhone?

When WhatsApp Web is actively running in the foreground it will display your status as Online. But as soon as you minimize the app or switch to another app in the foreground, your online status will change to Last seen. WhatsApp Web will keep your online status active even if you close the mobile app on your phone.

How do I appear offline on WhatsApp when online iPhone?

Launch WhatsApp, and head to your Settings tab, located in the bottom right hand corner. Next, go to Chat Settings/Privacy > Advanced. Toggle the Last Seen Timestamp option to OFF, and then, select Nobody to disable the application timestamps. This method will allow you to continue in “offline” mode.

Why does WhatsApp show Im online when im not?

Whatsapp does not show you ‘Online’ unless you are actively on it, or leave the app open. If you open other apps, the whatsapp app remains open but it’s now running in the background, at which point it would show a ‘Last Seen’ not an ‘Online’ status.

How do I know if someone is checking me secretly on Whatsapp?

WhatsApp — Who Viewed Me works on Android 2.3 and above versions. It has an easy to use interface. Just download and install it, open the app and click on the “SCAN” button, let it run for a few seconds and it will shortly show the users who have checked your Whatsapp profile in the last 24 hours.

How do you know if someone is checking if you are online on Whatsapp?

Once you see a list of your chats, find the one with the person you want to check. Tap this chat, and you should see their status beneath their chat name. If they’re online, it should read “online.” If not, it should read “last seen [insert date/time].”

How can you tell if someone is looking at your WhatsApp?

How to Know Who Viewed My WhatsApp Status?

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Tap the Status tab.
  3. Tap on My Status > A List of all status will be shown.
  4. Tap on a status to see the views > Look for eye icon.
  5. Tap the eye icon to see > A list of users will populate.
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