Can you buy seized cars from police?

Can you buy seized cars from police?

One of the best ways to purchase police impounded cars is through a live auction. A live auction provides you with the chance to inspect the vehicle before bidding on the car. Police departments around the country routinely host live auctions for impounded cars.

Are impound auctions worth it?

Pros. Buying a car at a police car auction can get you an excellent deal. The prices are meager because the police want to remove those vehicles from their fleet as soon as they can so they don’t have to manage the cars anymore, but also to recover some of the money owed by the previous owners.

Why do police impound cars?

The police may impound (take away) your vehicle if you own the vehicle and you have a conviction for a drink driving offence in the previous five years and it is one of these offences: mid-range Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol (a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 or more but less than 0.15)

Are ex cop cars good to buy?

The main reason anyone would consider buying an ex-police car is because they are cheap to buy. Even so, there’s every chance the car will have been serviced with no expense spared throughout its working life and its history will be second to none.

Where do police auction items come from?

The majority of Property Room auctions come from the 2,800 (and counting) police departments, county sheriffs, state police and other municipal agencies (airports, fire and marine departments, municipal fleets) nationwide that have entrusted us with managing their auctions.

Is it safe to buy cars at auction?

Buying a used vehicle from an auction can be much cheaper than buying from a dealer or a private seller, but it’s also a much riskier way of buying a used car. You usually won’t get a test drive, there’s no warranty, and the vehicle could easily have a sketchy past.

How long do police cars last?

Exley concludes that with proper maintenance, fleet vehicles can be driven well over 100,000 miles since the wear and tear on most parts is routine, and they can be replaced, if needed, at a low cost.

Can you buy a car from the police impound lot?

In some cases, cars sold from an impound lot can be bought for as low as 10 percent of the book value. Cars that are impounded and unclaimed for a period of time, sometimes only 15 days, can be legally auctioned by a police department. Contact local law enforcement agencies and ask for information about impounded car auctions.

How to buy and sell an impounded car?

How to Buy Then Sell a Car Impounded by the Police Method 1 of 3: Find an Auction. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of attending live and Internet auctions. Method 2 of 3: Buy an Impounded Vehicle. Prepare to buy a vehicle at a live auction. Method 3 of 3: Sell an Impounded Car. Acquire the title to the vehicle prior to listing it for sale.

Can I get my car out of police impound?

Of course, with a moving permit from the AAA or DMV, the police will allow you to get your car out of impound, but after necessary registration payments. Your car will be emission-tested before registration, and you require the moving permit issued by the DMV/AAA. Also, note that a car can’t be tested for emission while at the impound lot.

Where to buy impounded cars?

There are two ways to buy a car impounded by the police: at a live auction or from an online auction. While there are similarities between the two, like the fact that the highest bidder reaps the reward, there are also some inherent differences between each format.

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