Can you get an Exos cast wet?

Can you get an Exos cast wet?

The Exos line of products are designed to allow a patient to get their wrist and hand wet while still provide the security of a fiberglass cast for a possible fracture.

Can you wash an Exos wrist brace?

Cleaning: Wash and dry with soap and warm water, rinse the Brace thoroughly. Using a hair dryer set on high volume and warm setting, blow air through both ends of the Brace and through air holes until the skin and inside of Brace is completely dry.

Can you wash your wrist brace?

Q: What is the proper way to clean your brace? A: Most braces come with a set of cleaning instructions that you should follow. For most of them, a mild soap or laundry detergent and cold water will do the trick. Allow the brace to air-dry, or leave it out in the sun to freshen up.

Can you reform a cast?

To relieve itching, try raising the cast or changing positions. Air from a blow dryer on the cool setting also works. Don’t alter the cast. Keeping your cast in good shape will ensure your cast does the best job possible at healing your bones.

How do I loosen my Exos wrist brace?

Push down on the Boa knob to lock into place. Adjust the Velcro thumb strap. To open the brace lift up on the boa reel and pull both cables at once then slide off.

How do you wash a tensor wrist brace?

Care instructions First, if your support has hinges, remove them. Then close all straps and fasteners, and hand-wash the support with mild soap in warm (not hot) water. Rinse well and air dry. DO NOT machine wash, tumble dry, dry clean or use fabric softener or bleach on the brace.

How do I stop my wrist brace from smelling?

Clean the splint with cold water, soap and rub with a small brush (for example a toothbrush). Rub the inside of the splint with alcohol to reduce the smell. Hand wash the splint and velcro straps with warm soapy water and then air dry. A dryer can be used but with cold air, never hot!

How do I wash my Mueller wrist brace?

Care: Hand wash in cool water with mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.

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