Can you go in Cape May Lighthouse?

Can you go in Cape May Lighthouse?

Because it is adjacent to the community of Cape May Point and just two miles from the city of Cape May, NJ, it has drawn visitors throughout its history. Tickets are available to climb the lighthouse. Visit MAC’s website for more information and times.

How many lighthouses are in Cape May NJ?

There are 199 steps to the top of the Lighthouse. The view from the top extends to Cape May City and Wildwood to the north, Cape May Point to the south, and, on a clear day, Cape Henlopen, Delaware, to the west….Cape May Lighthouse.

Cape May Lighthouse
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Location Cape May Point, New Jersey
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Do you need a car in Cape May?

Car. A rental car is hardly necessary to get around Cape May island itself, but you might find it convenient to visit attractions like the Cape May Lighthouse (or even Atlantic City if you want to make a day trip).

How many steps does the Cape May Lighthouse have?

199 steps
With 199 steps to the top, the Cape May Lighthouse is one that is extremely special to us here at the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. Now maintained by the Mid Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities (MAC), the lighthouse has been open to the public to climb for over 30 years.

Do you have to pay to get on the beach in Cape May NJ?

Beach tags are required for entrance to Cape May City beaches from 10am – 5pm, Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day if you are 12 and older. Tags are available weekdays at City Hall Tax Office (643 Washington Street) and any beach entrance during the summer.

Is it worth going to Cape May?

Cape May is a vacation destination – the oldest seaside resort in the country; but since it’s right in our Jersey backyard, a day trip can hold endless promise. Anyone who thinks Cape May is “just a beach” can go pound sand, but if you are just going for the beach, you’re going to one of Jersey’s best.

Where is the Cape May Lighthouse in New Jersey?

The Cape May Lighthouse is a lighthouse located in the U.S. state of New Jersey at the tip of Cape May, in Lower Township’s Cape May Point State Park. It was built in 1859 under the supervision of U.S. Army engineer William F. Raynolds, was automated in 1946, and continues operation to this day.

Where is Cape May point in New Jersey?

Located on the southern tip of New Jersey, Cape May Point State Park is a key site on the NJ Coastal Heritage Trail, with an environmental center that houses a classroom for interpretive programs and a museum on the area’s natural and historic features. Cape May Point State Park is a day-use park, open from dawn to dusk.

How many steps to the top of Cape May Lighthouse?

Climb the 199 steps up the original, cast iron spiral stairway to the top of the 1859 Cape May Lighthouse and see a staggering view of the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean, the surrounding nature trails of Cape May Point State Park, and Cape May Point Borough.

How tall is the Cape May light tower?

Built by Samuel and Nathan Middleton, the tower stood seventy-eight feet tall and was located six hundred feet south of the present Cape May Lighthouse and roughly 400 yards northeast of the original lighthouse. The sea did not lead to the immediate undoing of the second tower, though it would later have a part in that.

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