Can you put a dado blade on a circular saw?

Can you put a dado blade on a circular saw?

A: You can use stacked circular-saw blades to cut dadoes on a tablesaw, Les, as we confirmed in the WOOD® magazine shop, but your dado cut quality will suffer. To make circular-saw blades cut even rough dadoes, you’ll need blades of the same brand and model to avoid minor differences in diameter.

What can I do with a dado blade?

A dado blade is a circular saw blade that cuts grooves into the wood that are much wider than traditional saw blade cuts. They are used for interlocking applications. Interlocking joints are common in making bookshelves, drawers, door panels and cabinets.

What’s the difference between wobble dado and stacked dado?

The Concept. Wobble dado blades are a low-cost compromise to the more expensive but vastly more effective stacked dado sets. The wobble dado uses a single blade, mounted on a multi-piece hub that can be adjusted to vary the angle at which that blade is to the arbor shaft. This angle regulates with width of the dado cut.

What causes vibration on wobble dado table saw?

These vibrations are made worse when the wobble dado is used the relatively light benchtop and entry-level tables saws. In addition, as the cut width is increased, the teeth of the wobbling blade tend to impact the sides of the groove, causing more vibration.

What happens if I watch dado saw blades?

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Why do dado blades have a concave bottom?

In addition, turning an angled blade means the teeth swing through an arc as it rotates. That makes it physically impossible for it to cut a flat-bottomed dado, instead cutting a concave bottom surface. In addition, the depth of that concave shape increases with the width setting.

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