Can you use a 308 for elk hunting?

Can you use a 308 for elk hunting?

308 is inadequate for elk at any range. But the extra velocity of the magnum only lasts about 100 yards. By the time a factory-loaded 180-grain spitzer travels 100 yards, it’s down to around 2,700 fps. 300 Winchester, all of his elk have gone down at least 100 yards quicker than those shot with non-magnum .

What is the best .308 round for elk?

The Federal . 308 Winchester load using 180gr Nosler Partition I previously mentioned is my #1 recommendation for elk and moose. However, Remington Core Lokt will absolutely work in that role and lots of elk and moose hunters use this ammunition successfully each year, especially on immature bulls or cow elk.

Is 308 or 30 06 better for elk?

308/30-06 is probably the largest caliber I personally would ever need. Mainly use this rifle for long range shooting and elk hunting. I know these two calibers are very similar and use the same size bullet. 30-06 has a wider range of cartridge capacity.

What is the best caliber to shoot an elk?

Want the ideal elk cartridge? Look to something that fires a 7mm or bigger heavy-for-caliber projectile at around 3,000 fps. Best bullets are the 7mm 155- to 175-grainers, and the . 30-caliber 180- to 200-grainers.

Is 6.5 good for elk?

With quality 140+ grain bullets and good shot placement, you can absolutely use the 6.5 Creedmoor for elk hunting. The 6.5 Creedmoor doesn’t have lots of excess energy, so it’s best to only take broadside or slightly quartering shots at ranges under 250 yards on elk.

Whats better .308 or 30-06?

30-06 is generally going to be better suited for long range shooting, and a . 308 is going to be better for faster shooting.

What is the best caliber for hunting elk?

A variety of rifle calibers — beginning with the .270 — are effective for elk, but experts recommend a .30 caliber. To kill an elk, Colorado Parks and Wildlife says 1,500 ft.-lbs. of energy should be dumped into your prey, enough force to ensure the bullet fully expands inside the animal for…

What is the best ammo for hunting elk?

Other excellent calibers for elk hunting rifles are the 8mm Rem Mag, 308, .338 Win Mag, 300 and 338 Remington Ultra Mags, 340 Weatherby Mag, .375 H & H and others in between. Bullet weights from 165 to 240 grain can all be acceptable for killing elk, depending on the caliber.

What is the best Elk cartridge?

Some hunters report that the .270 is a nearly ideal elk cartridge. Others consider it adequate, but not ideal. Still others consider the .270 worthless for elk hunting and recommend nothing less than a .300 Magnum as the absolute minimum elk cartridge.

What is caliber for elk hunting?

The Top 10 Cartridges for Hunting Elk .300 Winchester Magnum. This classic cartridge is still the king of the 30-caliber magnums. .300 Weatherby. There was a time in my youth when it seemed like every big game hunter in a wild and exotic place was using this cartridge. .375 H&H. This was one of Elmer Keith’s favorite elk cartridges. .375 Ruger. This is a modern day version of the .375 H&H.

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