Did Yakumo like Harima?

Did Yakumo like Harima?

Eventually, Yakumo falls in love with Harima, but refuses to have a relationship with him because of Harima’s love for her older sister, Tenma.

Who does Harima get with?

Harima: Harima loves Tenma. This is his first and only driving force from episode 1 to 282. Everything he does he does as an attempt to get closer to her.

How many seasons of School Rumble are there?

Series overview

Season Episodes Format
School Rumble 26 TV
School Rumble: Extra Class 2 OVA
School Rumble: 2nd Semester 26 TV

Does Harima like ERI?

Almost all character she interact or close with, encourages Eri’s feeling for Harima. Some even encourages her to confess her feelings. Like Yamato’s friend mentioned Eri’s feelings for Harima is known throughout school. Some feels that Eri and Harima to be a perfect couple since they are being natural together.

Does Harima love ERI?

Is School Rumble worth watching?

Overall – Overall, this series is definitely something you should watch if something is really bothering you and you want to watch something fun and laugh all the pain away. Even if you like really serious stuff like Death Note, you should still try this, you never know you might actually like this genre of anime.

How is Yakumo related to Kenji Harima in School Rumble?

Because of his advice, Harima seeks out Yakumo’s help and she ends up becoming his assistant. Even though Harima’s ineptitude in schoolwork is only matched by Tenma’s, unlike her, he’s very good at and excels in any kind of sport. Other talents include riding a motorcycle. The center of Harima’s affections.

Why does Tae call harima’hario’all the time?

Tae constantly calls Harima “Hario” and is in fact in love with him. According to her, she was his “landlady” and he was her “tenant”. Whenever she sees Harima when no one else is around, she hugs him and screams “HARIO!”. Eri seems to be jealous of her as she is of Yakumo (since Yakumo fell in love with Harima).

What did Kenji Harima do in Middle School?

In middle school, Harima was a well-known delinquent. However, after saving Tenma Tsukamoto from some ruffians, he falls in love with her and eventually reforms himself. Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle.

Who is the bane of Kenji Harima’s existence?

The bane of Harima’s existence. No matter how hard he tries to chase after Tenma, he inevitably ends up in misunderstandings with Eri. Harima and Eri have numerous misunderstandings over the course of the two seasons of anime, the manga, and the OVAs.

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