Do Page Plus minutes roll over?

Do Page Plus minutes roll over?

You also keep your minutes at the end of a billing period; the minutes roll over as long as you replenish your account every 120 days. What about prepaid long distance calling? With Page Plus there are no long distance charges and a variety of prepaid cell phone plans to suit your needs.

Do Verizon phones work on Page Plus?

Page Plus also offers its customers the opportunity to activate select phones from CDMA networks such as Sprint, Verizon and Alltel Wireless. You can use the phones that are not compatible on the network.

How do I add money to my Page Plus phone?

Dial #737 from your mobile phone. Create an online account in our My Account section. Call customer service at 800-550-2436 from any phone (press “2” when prompted)

Will a Straight Talk phone work on Page Plus?

That means that flashed devices from Alltel, AT, Boost Mobile, Cricket, MetroPCS, Sprint, Straight Talk, T-Mobile, Tracphone, US Cellular, Virgin Mobile etc. will NOT be allowed on the Page Plus Network.

How do I turn my Page Plus into a hotspot?

Tap “Hotspot & Tethering,” “Mobile Hotspot and tethering,” or “Tethering.” Locate and tap “Mobile Hotspot” or “Wi-Fi Hotspot.” Tap the slider at the top of the screen to turn this feature “On.”

Does Page Plus Cellular have 5G?

Page Plus Cellular data speeds When you’re within your allowance, data speeds will run at 3G, 4G, or 5G. If you have a compatible device and are in an area with 5G coverage, you’ll be able to enjoy this network.

How much does a Page Plus plan cost?

Price does not include taxes and fees. To start using the $12.00 plan (even if you are a current Page Plus customer on a different plan), you will need to purchase an initial $ 12.00 plan PIN. Once subscribed, you can use Standard or $ 12.00 PINs to renew the plan.

How much does Page Plus global calling card cost?

Call internationally to all cellular and landline destinations worldwide with rates as low as 2.5? per minute to Mexico and 5? per minute to Claro Guatemala. The Global Calling card can be added to any Page Plus monthly or pay-as-you-go plan, and it will roll over month-to-month as long as your primary service plan remains active.

How much data can you use on Page Plus?

At 60 GB, we reserve the right to review your account for usage in violation of Page Plus’s terms and conditions. *At 2G Speeds, the functionality of some data applications, such as streaming audio or video may be affected.

What are the terms of the Page Plus card?

UNLIMITED Talk, Text, 4G LTE † Data Video typically streams at DVD quality Includes: Unlimited International Texts PLUS $10 International** Calling to worldwide destinations. At 60 GB, we reserve the right to review your account for usage in violation of Page Plus’s terms and conditions.

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