Do Varsha and Satish get married in Pavitra Rishta?

Do Varsha and Satish get married in Pavitra Rishta?

She is married to Satish….

Varsha Deshpande
Spouse(s) Satish Deshpande (husband)
Children Foster Son/Nephew: Soham Deshmukh
Siblings Brother: Vinod Karanjkar Sisters: Archana Deshmukh, Vaishali Jaipurwala Brother in laws: Manav Deshmukh, Dharmesh Jaipurwala Sister in law: Manjusha Karanjkar

Does Archana give Soham to Varsha?

For information, Varsha is Archana’s sister and she can’t give birth to a child due to some physical problems. Hence, Manav-Archana decided to give their son, Soham, to her so that she can experience the feeling of motherhood.

What is the last episode of Pavitra Rishta?

October 25, 2014
Pavitra Rishta/Final episode date

Who is Ankita and Naren in Pavitra Rishta?

Ankita Naren Karmarkar is the biological daughter of Soham Deshmukh and his first wife. She is his pldest daughter and oldest child. She is the ex-wife of Naren Karmarkar, and unknowingly the mother to his adopted child, Arushi Karmarkar who is also unknowingly Naren’s biological child.

Who does Satish marry in Pavitra Rishta?

Satish Mohan Deshpande loves Varsha and married her. He tries to help everyone in his family who has problems. He still supports Varsha after finding out about her affair with his brother-in-law, Ashwin. After Ashwin told a lie about Varsha, Satish’s whole family went against her.

What happens to Vaishali in Pavitra Rishta?

Television actress Prarthana Behere, who played the role of Vaishali in Pavitra Rishta, recently met with a car accident. She suffered a few injuries on her arm and legs. According to reports, she was accompanied by her co-star Aniket Vishwasrao, who also suffered minor injuries.

Is Soham Archana’s son?

Soham Dehsmukh Soham Manav Deshmukh is the biological son of Manav Deshmukh and Archana Deshmukh.

Who Married with Soham in Pavitra Rishta?

Soham Deshmukh
Spouse(s) Ratna Mahatre (wife; long separated) Ankita’s Mom (late wife)
Children Sons: Prashant Deshmukh, Pranav Mahatre Daughters: Ankita Karmarkar, Mansi Kamble Sonali Mahatre Son in laws: Naren Karmarkar, Shashank Kamble

Will Archana and Manav get divorced?

Sources inform that Manav (Hiten Tejwani) who flew down from Canada and came to India to divorce his wife Archana (Ankita Lokhande) will not do so. Manav wants to severe all ties from the past by divorcing Archana and head back home to Canada.

In which year Pavitra Rishta ended?

25 October 2014

Pavitra Rishta
Picture format 576i (SDTV) HDTV 1080i
Original release 1 June 2009 – 25 October 2014
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Do Pari and Naren get married?

It was written in the contract that Ankita and Naren’s marriage will be null and void once Naren gets fine. Pari was unsure to marry Naren as he was already married to Ankita. Ankita asks them to get married as they love each other. She tells them that she loves someone else.

Does Manav and Archana get divorced?

Who is Varsha Deshpande married to in Pavitra Rishta?

She also loves her family. She was fooled by her ex-boss. She is married to Satish. She is a career woman who took time off work for two years after her marriage and is now adamant on returning.

Who is the friend of Satish in Pavitra Rishta?

After Ashwin told a lie about Varsha, Satish’s whole family went against her. Only Satish defended her, thinking she is innocent. Satish then meets one of Varsha’s former friends and accomplice of Ashwin, Rashmi, and gathered evidence against his brother-in-law.

Why was Pavitra Rishta not accepted by Zee TV?

Since then most channels did not accept her to work. It was due to the chance given by Zee TV for this series, the career of Kapoor and her production house was revived when it became one of the top-rated Hindi television programs.

Why did Varsha have an abortion in Pavitra Rishta?

Later she has an abortion without consulting anyone, which creates problems with her in-laws, but Satish forgives her. Varsha has had medical problems after her abortion and her doctor has told Satish that she can never be pregnant again. Varsha is shattered after overhearing this in a conversation between Vaishali and Archana.

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