Does CHP have a Mustang?

Does CHP have a Mustang?

CHP EVOC. Several Mustang SSPs were converted by the CHP to EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course) track vehicles. The Mustangs were known for their 140+- mile per hour top speed.

When did CHP use Mustangs?

CHP first tested the bars on Mustangs in September of 1990 (4 units total), but they didn’t start equipping any Mustangs with the bars until 1992. CHP didn’t typically order unmarked cars, although a few were reportedly repainted and used for other duties.

How do I know if my Mustang is SSP?

All Mustangs have this 2 digit code on the door data tag (or Vehicle Certification label) on the inside face of the driver’s door. All special-ordered Mustangs, whether or not an SSP, have a 6 digit DSO number, with 4 additional numbers following the Sales Office code.

Do cops use Mustangs?

Florida Police are rolling in unmarked Mustangs. These days, a Crown Vic isn’t the most common cop car out there. In Texas, police have been known to use stealthy Chevy Camaros for highway patrol, and Florida seems to be going the pony car route too. …

Do police use challengers?

Dodge Avenger: Used by some agencies for unmarked use. Dodge Stratus: Used by many agencies for unmarked use. Dodge Challenger: Used by some agencies for unmarked use. Jeep Grand Cherokee: Used by some agencies for unmarked use.

How much did a new Mustang cost in 1982?

1982 Ford Mustang Retail Prices

Trim MSRP Invoice
GL Sedan RWD $7,218 N/A
GL Hatchback $7,353 N/A
GT Sedan RWD $8,682 N/A
GLX Hatchback $7,481 N/A

What is a CHP Mustang?

Welcome to Special Service! Special Service Mustangs, also referred to as SSP Mustangs, were made from 1982-1993. CHP specifically requested Mustangs from Ford for their rigorous testing, and Ford supplied them with at least one “police demo” Mustang coupe.

What does SSP stand for in Ford Mustang?

The car was meant to provide a speedier option for police departments in lieu of other full sized (and heavier) sedans on the market at the time. The SSP abbreviation means Special Service Package, a special Foxbody Mustang trim made exclusively for law enforcement use.

When did the CHP start using notchback hatchbacks?

In 1982, the CHP ordered 400 Special Service Package notchback coupes (394 were built by Ford and shipped to the CHP), and at least 4 cars were SSP hatchbacks. These four hatchbacks were painted and equipped in the same manner as the SSP coupes.

What kind of transmission does a SSP Mustang have?

As 5.0-liter horsepower rose and fuel injection came along, so it did for the SSP machines. Most of the cars, throughout the Special Service Mustangs’ 11-year production run, were equipped with the 5-speed manual transmissions, although an automatic was optionally offered during some years.

Is it possible to restore a Ford Mustang SSP?

Restoring Mustang SSPs have become a growing hobby as of late, with car clubs and websites devoted to the restoration of the law enforcement workhorse. Most enthusiasts strive for accuracy in their models, with many scouring for OEM parts, including police radios, shotgun holders, lights, sirens, and other related equipment.

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