Has anyone ever died at Carrigan Farms?

Has anyone ever died at Carrigan Farms?

The death of a Harrisburg teen in the Carrigan Farms quarry on Tuesday came just days shy of the 13th anniversary of another drowning there. Darren Campbell of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office said an autopsy confirmed that Hayes drowned. …

What do you do at Carrigan Farms?

A 5th generation family-owned farm, Carrigan Farms specializes in growing quality fruits and vegetables, educational school tours and field trips, weddings, swim parties, and other special events.

Is Carrigan Farms Quarry safe?

Since the adoption of the swim test in May of 2014, Carrigan Farms has safely tested thousands of guests. Guests that have passed the swim test are able to swim without a life jacket. Those that have not passed the test wear life jackets at all times in the water.

How deep is the water at Carrigan Farms?

twenty-five feet deep
The water is twenty-five feet deep and the temperature of the water in the summer is very refreshing, making it ideal for swimming. A white sand beach and lush green lawn surround the water.

How deep is the quarry in Statesville NC?

The quarry is 2,100 feet long, 1,800 feet wide and 300 feet deep. A mammoth operation was mostly unnoticed for about 50 years until a new road gave motorists a glimpse inside.

Can you bring floats to Carrigan Farms?

Guests are allowed to bring floats, as long as they are intended for one person.

Who owns Carrigan Farms?

Doug Carrigan
Doug Carrigan, owner of Carrigan Farms, is a horticulturist by trade and graduate of North Carolina State University.

Are there fish in Carrigan Farms Quarry?

Open swim customers, who bring their own fishing gear, are also permitted to enjoy catch-and-release fishing at our two farm ponds during open swim. The ponds have bass, bream and crappie. Fishing is not permitted in The Quarry, or at non-open swim times.

How high is the jump at the quarry?

90 feet
Jumping 90 feet into the quarry is scary! Okay, so it’s not actually 90 feet – but it’s enough to get my nerves aflutter. After an easy one hour trip we got there right when they opened at 10 am. Open swim was over by 3 pm and we wanted to enjoy the swim as long as possible.

Are there fish in Carrigan Farms quarry?

How cold is the water at Carrigan Farms?

79 degrees
The water temperature in the summer averages 79 degrees at the surface, a very pleasant temperature. The Quarry water itself is 25 feet deep. Swimmers can choose to enter the water by jumping from the rocks at designated locations, or by walking in at the zero entry beach.

Is the water at Carrigan Farms treated?

As for the water quality: The water in the quarry is clean, clear and refreshing, and is fed by a natural spring.

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