How big is a half size cello?

How big is a half size cello?

A Sizing Guide for Cello

Cello Size Cello Length Arm Length
1/8 17.75 to 20 inches 16-18 inches
1/4 20 to 23 inches 18-20 inches
1/2 23 to 26 inches 20-22 inches
3/4 26 to 27.25 inches 22-24 inches

What are the different sizes of cellos?

There are two cello sizes for adults: the full-size cello, or 4/4 size, which has a back length of 30 inches and above, and the ⅞ size cello, with a back that measures from 27 to 30 inches.

What is the smaller version of a cello?

The strings are the largest family of instruments in the orchestra and they come in four sizes: the violin, which is the smallest, viola, cello, and the biggest, the double bass, sometimes called the contrabass.

What is the best size cello for a beginner?

Cellists from four and a half feet up to five feet tall will feel comfortable with a 3/4 size cello. From four feet to four and a half feet, try a 1/2 size cello. Even smaller sizes are available. If you fall in the middle between two sizes, you will be more comfortable with the smaller size.

How do I know what size cello to buy?

As with violins and violas you need the right sized cello for your age, shape and height. Cellos are measured by the length of the back, from the full-sized cello of 30 inches or more intended for adults more than five feet tall, to 1/8 cellos designed for children between four and six years old.

Can an adult play a small cello?

For smaller adults, aim for 15″ to 15.5″, as you want to play as large an instrument as you can comfortably play, but never too large as to harm you physically. Cellists actually have a very good option, if they require a smaller instrument.

Is Piano harder than cello?

Based on the characteristics, the cello is harder to learn than the piano. The cello, as part of the string family, is fretless. This means it has no keys or marks to indicate precisely where your finger has to be placed on the string to produce a specific note.

What are the dimensions of a cello?

Cellos are sized by the length of the back, from the full-sized cello with a back length of 30 inches or more intended for adults five foot tall or taller, to 1/8 cellos sized for the body lengths of children between 4 and 6 years old. Bear in mind that different manufacturers make cello sizes at slightly different lengths,…

How big is the cello?

The standard body length of a modern cellos is about 750mm (29 1/2″). Before 1700, some monster cellos, even those made by great makers, were 760mm to 800mm (30″ to 31.5″). These big cello were also proportionately wider in width.

How many inches is a cello?

The cello ¼ is 20 inches in body length with a width of 11.75 in. The total length is at 33.5 in. The smallest is the 1/8. It has a body length of 17.75, a maximum width of 9.75 in and a total length of 29.5 in.

What is the length of cello in centimetres?

Cello Body Lengths: 4/4 Cello = 755mm or approx. 29.7 inches (75.4 cm) 3/4 Cello = 690mm or approx. 27 inches (68.6 cm) 1/2 Cello = 650mm or approx. 25.6 inches (65.0 cm)

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