How big is the Oblivion map?

How big is the Oblivion map?

41 km
4 Oblivion (41 km)

How do you zoom out on the map in Oblivion?

One key/button to zoom out, one to zoom in and one to reset to default zoom. The zoom keys can be configured in “Dynamic Map base. ini”, and by default are 1 (zoom out), 2 (zoom in), 3 (reset zoom). Set zoom in/out to 264 and 265 if you want to use the mouse wheel instead.

Is Skyrim’s map bigger than Oblivion?

4 Oblivion Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a close second to Skyrim in terms of popularity. By contrast, it’s actually a little bigger than Skyrim at 41km.

How do I drop items in Oblivion?

You can drop anything in your inventory on the ground so that it stops weighing you down. Select the item you want to drop and then press the Drop command: PC – ⇧ Shift +Click the item you want to drop, or drag and drop it out of your Inventory window.

Is there a map oblivion?

Local and interior maps with further zoom and higher detail can be found on the articles for each location in the game. …

Can you fast travel in Oblivion?

Fast Traveling is a method of travel in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It is a way of quickly “teleporting” to any previously discovered location. When fast travelling, time will still pass by as if the player had walked there.

Where do you put the minimap in Oblivion?

Well, not any more for this mod gives you a MiniMap, like in Morrowind. The layout is fully configurable to suite your taste. Do you want it in the upper right corner?

How does a dynamic map work in Oblivion?

Dynamic Map removes the need of any map dimension esp file if you use a map with non-standard dimensions (like the Stirk addition), since it reads the dimension data from the ini file and sets them accordingly through script. It also adds zoom to the worldmap, through 3 keys or zoom buttons.

Which is the zoom button on Oblivion Nexus?

Set zoom in/out to 264 and 265 if you want to use the mouse wheel instead. The zoom buttons can easily configured for position, or visibility in the ini file. There are three visibility options: Always hidden, always visible, or visible on mouseover.

Can you delete datatexturesmaps when updating Oblivion?

* When updating from below v1.0.0 you can delete the content of “DataTexturesMaps” as those textures are no longer used or generated. A “General Rule” when checking if the minimap is displaying the wrong info it is important to take note of the respective real map.

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