How can I send DND number by SMS?

How can I send DND number by SMS?

How to Send Promotional SMS to DND Numbers?

  1. Setup a DND open route account with SMSMessenger.
  2. Get Sender Id Approval from SMSMessenger Team.
  3. Purchase any DND SMS packages.
  4. Send SMS to both DND and NDND numbers in India.
  5. Reseller can use this route to send SMS to DND numbers.

What is DND number in bulk SMS?

DND (Do-Not-Disturb) is a service that stalls bulk SMS from getting delivered to your contacts or your phone number. People subscribe to DND to enable them to opt-out from receiving third party SMS messages, such as marketing campaigns and ads.

What are DND numbers?

DND stands for ‘Do Not Disturb’. As per TRAI regulations, if a person registers his or her number in DND then they will not receive any kind of promotional or marketing SMS/calls. Whereas non DND numbers will receive all kinds of promotional and marketing SMS/calls.

What is DND delivery?

DND stands for Do-Not-Disturb. Hence, mobile numbers on the DND list are not able to receive bulk SMS via the regular route. To deliver to DND numbers, we make use of hosted SIMs.

How can I register my DND mobile number?

How to register your number on the DND registry? If you choose not to receive any commercial messages or calls i.e for fully blocked registration: You can call 1909 (toll free) from your landline or mobile and select your preferences. You can also register by SMS by sending START DND or START 0 to 1909.

How can I check DND status?

One is to send a text message to 1909 with START DND. The other option is to call 1909 and follow the instructions provided. When you send the message, you will have to wait until you get a confirmation.

How do I know if DND is activated?

You’ll need to swipe down from the top right corner of the screen, where Control Center is activated, and view the DND shortcut button to see if it’s enabled. If the icon is purple, DND is turned on. Otherwise, DND is disabled and you should receive alerts as you normally do.

What is the code for MTN DND?

Customers can opt into the service by sending an SMS Keyword to the DND short code 2442. To opt in for full blocking mode via SMS, the customer will send the keyword STOP to the short code 2442.

Can I put a contact on Do Not Disturb?

Open Messages app and tap on the conversation thread that you want to set Do Not Disturb for. Tap on the blue circle with an “i” on the upper right. Move the slider for Hide Alerts to the right to enable Do Not Disturb feature for this contact. Tap Done.

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