How do I cancel my NYSC membership?

How do I cancel my NYSC membership?

Members may initiate the cancellation in person at any club location or by sending a cancellation request by Certified Mail to the club or the Member Services department.

Does New York Sports club have a sauna?

Next to the 6, R, W trains & offers personal training, cycling, a sauna and so much more!

Is New York Sports club going out of business?

Town Sports International Holdings, the operator of New York Sports Clubs, had its bankruptcy plan approved after settling objections from two states over its billing of members while its gyms were closed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

How many New York Sports Clubs are there?

What began as an opportunity to bring the immensely popular sport of squash to the New York masses has evolved and expanded to a network of over 150 clubs catering to over half a million members across eight states and two countries (including Switzerland!).

Does NYSC have a cancellation fee?

NYSC Cancellation Fee: In order to enclose the TSI expenses which were incurred at the time of contract administering and the cancellation, a fee will be charged as the New York Sports Club cancellation fee of $50.

How much is NYSC annual fee?

New York Sports Club Prices

Item Price
Monthly Memberships
Neighborhood Annual Fee of $69.99 due on the 15th of the month following your enrollment.
Joining Fee (One Person) (One Club Access) $0.48
Monthly Fee (One Person) (One Club Access) $64.99

Do I have to wear a mask at NYSC?

Masks are not required inside our gyms; however, the CDC recommends that you, even if vaccinated, wear a mask indoors in public if you are in an area of substantial or high transmission.

Are gym showers Open in New York?

Water bottle refill stations can be permitted, but not shared water fountains. Communal showers are closed, but individual showers/stalls can remain open so long as they are cleaned in between use.

Is NYSC under new ownership?

Today’s agreement does not involve the new owner of NYSC or Lucille Roberts and therefore the company remains subject to all New York laws.

How much is a NYSC membership?

New York Sports Club Price

Service Cost
Initiation Fee $20.00
Monthly Fee $19.99
Annual Fee $59.99
Month-to-Month Yes
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