How do I contact SuperValu?

How do I contact SuperValu?


  1. The Customer Service Desk in your local SuperValu.
  2. Post: Food Safety & Quality Team, SuperValu Head Office, Tramore Road, Cork.
  3. Email: [email protected]
  4. Phone: 1850 211 840, Opening Hours: 24 hours Monday – Sunday.

Who is the founder of SuperValu?

1876: Founded by 25-year-old Thomas and 18-year-old Stuart Musgrave, brothers from Leitrim, at 103 North Main Street in Cork city. 1908: Thomas’s son John L Musgrave becomes managing director and runs the company for the next four decades. He hands over to his son Jack in 1955.

How do I cancel an order on SuperValu?

Sign in to your account….On the order screen, there are a number of additional options:

  1. Change Checkout Details: Use to apply a voucher or Gift Card or change your payment details.
  2. Cancel Order: This will fully cancel your order.

What is SuperValu net worth?

SuperValu (United States)

Type Subsidiary
Revenue $12.48 billion (FY 2017)
Operating income $183 million (FY 2017)
Net income $650 million (FY 2017)
Total assets $3.580 billion (FY 2017)

How do I claim SuperValu points?

  1. Login to to your online account.
  2. Click on my account.
  3. Add new card or you can complete a Member Update Form that you will find at the Customer Service desk in store.
  4. Your old points balance will be transferred to the new card and your online and App log-in details won’t change.

How much does SuperValu delivery cost?

SuperValu charges €3 and €7 per delivery, depending on day and time of the week. Costs can fluctuate depending on how busy the time slots are but customers will know the delivery cost when booking their time. Time slots are generally two hours long, but occasionally one hour.

Is SuperValu a franchise?

Franchise Resources The Super Valu brand itself employs 15,000 people through its franchise network, with the majority of franchisees being local people using the brands name.

What was SuperValu called?

Wellworths-SuperValu was a trading name used briefly by Musgrave in Northern Ireland following its acquisition of small-to-medium Wellworths outlets in 1996. This was to distinguish from larger Wellworths stores which were acquired by Safeway Stores (Ireland), a joint venture between Fitzwilton and Safeway (UK).

Do SuperValu points expire?

Vouchers are redeemable online for selected SuperValu stores only. When do the Money Back vouchers expire? Money Back Vouchers are valid for 12 months and the validity dates are clearly stated on the voucher. A voucher can be redeemed once during this period only.

How long does SuperValu delivery take?

Who owns Supervalu Canada?

Loblaw Companies Limited
Loblaw Companies Limited (through its Westfair Foods division) still supplies SuperValu stores and owns the SuperValu name.

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