How do I fix unable to print 50?

How do I fix unable to print 50?

Open the clear jam cover on the back of the machine. Look within for traces of foreign objects or jammed paper. Get rid of them and close the jam cover and the scanner cover. If “Unable to print 50” is displayed again, then unplug the machine from the power outlet for 1 minute, then plug it back again.

Why is my scanner not working Brother?

Firewalls or other security software could cause your Brother printer not to scan as it may reject the network connection needed for the network scanning software to work properly. To resolve this, disable the firewall from your computer and try to scan again. Open Control Panel and select System and Security.

How do I fix unable to print?

Right-click your printer and select Properties. Then in the General tab click on the Print Test Page button. If you are unable to print a test page after following the previous steps, you may want to restart your computer. Restarting fixes many hardware problems.

How do I get my Brother scanner to work?

Scan a document in Windows 8 or later.

  1. Load your document on to your Brother machine.
  2. (Windows 8)
  3. Click Windows Fax and Scan.
  4. Click New Scan.
  5. If you have multiple imaging devices installed on your computer, choose your scanner and click OK.
  6. Set scanning options, and then click Scan.
  7. The scanned image will be displayed.

What to do when your printer says unable to print 50?

Close the Jam Clear Cover, then turn the machine back around to the front. 10. Lift the flat-bed scanner cover to release the lock (1), then gently push the scanner cover support down (2) and close the scanner cover (3) using both hands. – If “Unable to Print 50” is still on the display, go to step 11.

How to install a scanner on your brother machine?

If the scanner icon of your Brother machine does not exist there, you need to install the scanner driver. > Go to Downloads section of this website and download Full Driver & Software Package. The installation instructions are available on the download page.

How to fix ” unable to init ” on brother?

Unable to Init. (Init Unable) To solve the problem please follow the steps below: If the following solutions do not solve the problem, your machine require repair. If your machine is out of warranty, please use this link to locate your nearest service centre:

What to do if your scanner is not working?

Disconnect the machine from the power outlet and open the scanner cover by pulling up on the lower right corner of the cover. Look inside the machine and remove any foreign objects. If you see jammed paper or another item inside this area, gently pull it out and then close the scanner cover securely.

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