How do I know my Ray Ban frame size?

How do I know my Ray Ban frame size?

Most of our sunglasses and eyeglasses have the size measurement printed on the inside of the left temple (the piece that goes behind your ear). This usually consists of three numbers – sometimes only the first two are printed – for example: 50 20 150.

What is size 55 in Ray Ban?

Aviator Size Comparison Chart

Frame & Aviator Size SportRx Frame Width Lens Height
RB3025 Aviator 55 Eyesize 130 47
RB3025 Aviator 58 Eyesize 136 50
RB3025 Aviator 62 Eyesize & RB3026 Aviator II 140 54
RJ9506S Junior Aviator 50 & 52 Eyesize 117 / 122 43 / 44

What size is 55 in sunglasses?

Frame Size

Frame Size Eyeglasses Sunglasses
Small Below 48 mm Below 55mm
Medium 48 mm- 55 mm 56 mm- 64 mm
Large Above 55 mm Above 64 mm

What size is medium in Ray-Ban?

“Medium” – Our medium option is under ’58’ on the size guide which represents the 58mm lens option. This option range is the most popular size that people normally purchase as it is not too big, nor too small. If you are undecided on what lens size to get, the medium will be your best bet.

Where can I buy Ray Ban sunglasses online?

Ray-Ban products sold by authorized sellers, like, are eligible for all manufacturer warranties and guarantees. Visit the Ray-Ban shop by clicking on Ray-Ban above the product title to shop the entire Ray-Ban sunglass and optical assortment.

What’s the history of the Ray Ban brand?

Throughout its 80+ year journey, Ray-Ban has pushed boundaries in music, art and entertainment as a universally recognized symbol of cool, and the preferred accessory of celebrities and public figures. The brand has had a lasting influence on culture, stemming from its strong heritage, timeless styles and excellence in quality.

Which is the most iconic brand of sunglasses?

Ray-Ban is the world’s most iconic eyewear brand and is a global leader in its sector. Every model in the Ray-Ban collection is the product of meticulous, original styling that translates the best of the latest fashion trends into an ever-contemporary look for millions of Ray-Ban wearers around the world.

Are there sunglasses that protect your eyes from UV rays?

To protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, these sunglasses include lenses that are coated with 100% UV protection. Available in a variety of metal and lens colors and treatments, find a color combination that fits your personal brand and style.

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