How do I log into my YSU email?

How do I log into my YSU email?

You can use any browser or go to the following link: Enter your PenguinPortal User ID e.g. Ptpenguin and your MyYSU password. Click the “Sign In” button.

How do I find my YSU ID?

Click the Log In button under the MY YSU. Enter Username and Password into the Secure Access Login. Your Banner ID is shown at the top of page.

How do I reset my YSU password?

To change your WSU Network ID, Friend ID or Password Please go to and log in to begin changing your password.

How do I enroll in YSU?

Contact Admissions

  1. Undergraduate: 330-941-2000 or [email protected].
  2. International: 330-941-2336 or [email protected].
  3. Graduate: 330-941-3091 or [email protected].

What division is YSU?

NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision
Youngstown State Penguins football/Division

Youngstown State currently plays as a member of the NCAA at the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision (formerly known as Division I-AA) and are a member of the Missouri Valley Football Conference (MVFC).

Is Youngstown State University a good school?

Youngstown State University is ranked #439 out of 1,472 for value nationwide. Compared to other schools of similar quality, Youngstown State University is priced well for the kind of quality provided and is thus a good value according to College Factual’s Best for the Money Ranking.

What is Youngstown State University tuition?

In-state tuition 9,279 USD, Out-of-state tuition 9,639 USD (2019 – 20)
Youngstown State University/Undergraduate tuition and fees

How do I find my WSU password?

Go to and select Manage your password. Click Forgot/Setup password. Type your personal email address in the first box, your myWSU ID in the second, and click Email security code….

  1. Find ‘WSU Secure’ in your list of available wireless networks.
  2. A window will pop up asking for your login and password.

How do I log into myWSU?

Go to the website Login on the WSU Sign In Page with your Network ID and Password (same as myWSU Login) On the Office 365 Landing Page, click the ‘Mail’ Icon. The first time you access this, it will ask you to set your time zone.

What SAT score is required for YSU?

920 or
Applicants must have a cumulative high school grade point average (weighted, if applicable) of 2.00 or higher on a 4.00 point scale with a minimum recalculated unweighted core GPA of 2.00 or higher and an ACT composite score of 17 or higher, or a combined SAT score of 920 or higher from the evidence-base writing and …

How many students are enrolled at YSU?

12,110 students
Youngstown State University has a total enrollment of 12,110 students.

How many acres is YSU campus?

160 acres
Youngstown State University is a public institution that was founded in 1908. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 11,001, its setting is city, and the campus size is 160 acres.

Which is learning management system does YSU use?

The learning management system (LMS) that YSU has adopted and standardized on is Blackboard. Blackboard is used to host course content, materials, activities, and assessments for online courses or to supplement face-to-face courses.

How to apply to YSU for undergraduate admission?

for undergraduate admissions 877.GO.TO.YSU / 877.468.6978 (toll free) 330.941

Is the tuition at Youngstown State University out of State?

Out-of-state and within reach, YSU now offers reduced out-of-state tuition fees. Follow your passion and begin your college application process. over 150 undergraduate and graduate programs at Youngstown State University ready for Fall 2021. and proud.

What kind of classes can you take at YSU?

If you’re pursuing an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, or taking undergraduate-level classes, start here. If you’re ready to pursue, or are currently pursuing a graduate degree, start here.

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