How do I use Imgur on mobile?

How do I use Imgur on mobile?

Tap the + upload icon in the top right of your screen to create a new Imgur post. You may: Capture and upload a photo or video using your phone’s camera. Upload both images and video from your phone’s gallery.

How do I search Imgur mobile site?

Go to, the search bar is located at the top of your screen, directly in the middle….People

  1. Open the Imgur app and tap on the magnifying glass icon in the lower left-hand corner from any screen.
  2. You’ll be greeted with a whole host of options to explore further.

How do I upload to Imgur mobile site?

There are 2 ways to create a post on the Android app: during or after upload. During upload: Hit the camera icon in the bottom center of the screen. You can upload from your camera or use images from your camera’s gallery. After selecting all of the images you’d like to upload, tap the next button top right.

How do I get Imgur direct link?

How to get direct link of images on Imgur

  1. Right-click on the image and choose Open Image in New Tab.
  2. Right-click on the image and choose Copy Image Address.
  3. After you uploaded the image click on the little arrow on the top right corner of the image and go to Get share links.

Can you browse Imgur without an account?

Posts uploaded without an account are anonymous and hidden. They cannot be searched and only those people with whom you share the URL will be able to see them. All images uploaded to Imgur are available via their direct URLs at any time, which means they can never be completely secret.

How do I get a direct link?

How to Create a Direct Link

  1. Go to the website that contains the direct link you want to use and copy the web address from the address bar.
  2. Open your web page document using an HTML editor and scroll to the area you want add a link to.
  3. Follow the remaining steps below.
  4. Add the following direct link to your HTML code:

Is Imgur legal?

Imgur’s Terms of Service as of December 2016 state that when you upload photos, you grant Imgur a “non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable worldwide license (with sublicense and assignment rights) to use, to display online and in any present or future media, to create derivative works of, to allow downloads …

What is not allowed on Imgur?

Glorifying or endorsing hateful content or ideologies is never allowed on Imgur. It’s important to keep in mind that not everything that’s mean or insulting is hate speech. This includes abuse in usernames, as well as posts and comments. –No content that condones illegal or violent activity.

Can I upload to Imgur without an account?

If you need somewhere to host an image for using in Flashissue try going to It’s quick and easy and you do not need to register for an account in order to upload and host your image.

Is Imgur toxic?

Imgur is a sad, toxic social media site and is useless for designers and artists. The general user base sucks and the functionality of the site is weak.

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