How do you get championship riven skin?

How do you get championship riven skin?

The skin was originally released in the store during the 2012 LCS and was available for 975 RP. Viewers who physically attended the finals and bought tickets received championship riven with their ticket purchase which they could redeem later.

Can you still get championship riven?

Yes, we are working on a plan to bring Championship Riven back for Worlds this year. Specifically, we are looking for a solution that satisfies both existing owners and players who love the skin but were unable to get it the first time around.

Can you still get championship riven 2016?

Championship Riven has made a long awaited return back to the Riot store. The skin is currently available in store for 975 RP. If you’re thinking of buying it then you definitely should….Championship Riven 2016 Skin Information.

Animations New recall animation
Rarity common
Release date 01/10/2016

How much does Championship riven League of Legends skin cost?

This skin is often mentioned as the most rare skin for League of Legends. It is also one of the most wanted. Back when this was available through ingame codes, it could be sold for the price of around 300-400 euros. Now Championship Riven is only available IF Riot Games decides to put it back into the store in…

When do you get the championship riven icon code?

“During the World Finals, we will show a code on stream that can be used to claim a summoner icon inspired by the Season 2 Championship Riven skin. You will have approximately 24 hours after the show to claim your icon.

Where did the championship riven skin come from?

The skin was originally released to the store for 975 RP during the finals and given out as a free code to those 8000 lucky individuals that attended the finals. The skin features a blue sword which took inspiration from the neon blue lava which pours out from the Kawah Ijen Volcano in Indonesia.

Where do you get League of Legends skin codes?

Also we are pleased to announce that you can get your Championship Riven skin code directly from our website. We give League of Legends codes in order to make people happy, to make people spend less money on games and have more fun while being badass to anyone in their path!

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