How do you use garb in a sentence?

How do you use garb in a sentence?

1, She doffs her garb worn under fire and wears again female attire. 2, He was dressed in Chinese garb and sporting a pigtail. 3, He wore the garb of a scout, not a general. 4, Surgeons and their surgical teams, dressed in watertight garb, also found the low temperatures more comfortable.

What is the definition of garbed?

Definitions of garbed. adjective. dressed or clothed especially in fine attire; often used in combination. “monks garbed in hooded robes” synonyms: appareled, attired, dressed, garmented, habilimented, robed clad, clothed.

What does garb mean in slang?

Someone’s garb is the clothes they are wearing, especially when these are unusual. [written] …a familiar figure in civilian garb. He wore the garb of a scout. Synonyms: clothes, dress, clothing, gear [slang] More Synonyms of garb.

Is the word garb offensive?

So why is using the word garb bad? Part of the reason is that it holds up the clothing to a Western, Eurocentric standard. The word garb suggests otherness, and oftentimes even inferiority. It suggests that a particular clothing item or the clothing of a particular culture is not modern enough to qualify as fashion.

Is garb a real word?

a fashion or mode of dress, especially of a distinctive, uniform kind: in the garb of a monk. to dress; clothe. …

What is meant by blindsided?

transitive verb. 1 : to hit unexpectedly from or as if from the blind side blindside the quarterback. 2 : to surprise unpleasantly. blind side.

What is the nearest meaning of clad?

The definition of clad is dressed or covered in. An example of clad used as an adjective is the phrase pine clad forest.

What type of word is clad?

As a verb, clad is the past tense and past particle of “clothe,” as in “the leprechaun clad himself in green.” It’s also an adjective that describes being covered or clothed, so a building can be clad in brick, while a person can be clad in head-to-toe sequins.

What does it mean to grub?

intransitive verb. 1a : to dig in the ground especially for something that is difficult to find or extract. b : to search about grubbed in the countryside for food — Lamp. 2 : toil, drudge grubbing along at newspaper jobs— Walter Kirn. grub.

Does garb mean clothing?

a fashion or mode of dress, especially of a distinctive, uniform kind: in the garb of a monk. wearing apparel; clothes. outward appearance or form.

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