How does a marine steam turbine work?

How does a marine steam turbine work?

In simple terms, a steam turbine works by using a heat source (gas, coal, nuclear, solar) to heat water to extremely high temperatures until it is converted into steam. As that steam flows past a turbine’s spinning blades, the steam expands and cools.

How are steam turbines classified?

Steam turbines can be classified in a number of ways [2]. They can be classified by cycle and steam conditions, such as Rankine cycle, Rankine regenerative cycle, reheat cycle, condensing or noncondensing, and by the number and arrangement of turbine shaft shafts and casings.

Which turbine is used in ship?

On ships, the steam turbine can also be used as a direct propulsion plant, in which, the turbine shaft is connected to propeller shaft of the ship. Since the speed will be in thousand rpm, reduction gears and reduction systems are used to get a drop in propeller rpm.

Where are steam turbines used?

Steam turbines are found everywhere on the planet and are used to turn generators and make electricity or create propulsion for ships, airplanes, missiles. They convert heat energy in the form of vaporized water into motion using pressure on spinning blades.

Who are the suppliers of steam turbine generators?

We have also been a trusted supplier to the Royal Navy for over 140 years, including the supply of turbines for the Astute class of submarine.

Where are steam turbines used in a ship?

Nowadays, steam turbines are used as a main engine and/or combine engine with turbo generator or reduction gear in the high power required ships which are nuclear naval and commercial vessels, LNG carriers, super tankers, ice breakers, cruise ships and FPSO vessels.

Why do you need a Peter Brotherhood steam turbine generator?

Peter Brotherhood has a global reputation for delivering practical and economic engineering solutions. Why choose a Peter Brotherhood steam turbine generating set? Our design engineers are some of the finest in the world when designing for difficult applications such as remote locations or harsh marine environments.

How are steam turbines replaced by diesel engines?

Marine steam turbine engines have largely been replaced by the more economical marine two stroke diesel engine, mainly for commercial reasons as the diesel engine is much more economical. Notwithstanding this there are still a few about, running like clockwork- their one big selling…

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