How fast do Brichardi grow?

How fast do Brichardi grow?

brichardi grow at a reasonable rate during the first month. Include Grindal worms and small specimens of Daphnia in their diet, coupled with a finely ground, freeze-dried food. Properly fed, they reach a size of ½ inch (1.3 cm) in length on average when they are only a month old.

What do Brichardi cichlids eat?

They Fairy Cichlids are omnivorous and in the wild it feeds on small crustaceans and invertebrates found in the biofilm of the rocky substrate as well as swarms of plankton drifting in the lake water. In the aquarium it will generally eat all kinds of live, fresh, and flake foods.

Can Frontosa go with angelfish?

Frontosa is a Tanganyika cichlid and the angelfish are South American. Not sure about how compatible they will be. It may be highly unlikely. they prefer different water params, so you’d want a neutral pH optimally.

What is the bluest frontosa?

How to keep and feed the Humpheads of Lake Tanganyika.

Can frontosa live with Oscars?

A tank raised oscar will do just fine in a wide range of pH and KH values; they’ll almost certainly be fine in whatever water comes out of your tap (of course, with the chlorine removed). The frontosa, likewise, if born and raised in captivity will not be demanding when it comes to water chemistry.

Do shell dwellers eat shrimp?

Even dwarf sized cichlids like your shell dwellers will relish the shrimp. Keep in mind that crustaceans are their natural food items in the lake.

Is the brichardi cichlid a peaceful fish?

The Brichardi Cichlid is very peaceful when it is among other Brichardis, however, they can become very aggressive when mixed with other fish, especially other Lake Tanganyika Cichlids. If you have a large aquarium (35 gallons or bigger) a single Brichardi will often coexist peacefully with other non-aggressive fish.

How big is a n.brichardi fish school?

N. brichardi is notable in a number of ways. This fish is a substrate spawner (lays eggs on substrate), utilizing the rocky rubble to do so. It is one of the few substrate-spawning cichlid that also schools. It is not unheard of to find a school numbering near 100,000 individuals within a 50 m square area.

What kind of food does a brichardi fish eat?

N. brichardi specializes in feeding from the rocky biocover, picking at small crustaceans and invertebrates. It will also feed on swarms of plankton when available. The specific name honours Pierre Brichard (1921-1990), an aquarium fish exporter based near Lake Tanganyika.

Why is brichardi cichlid called the Princess of Burundi?

It is named Fairy Cichlid in English due to its otherworldly appearance, and Scandinavian aquarists call it “Prinsessan av Burundi ” (the Princess of Burundi). When keeping Neolamprologus brichardi, it is important to be really careful and focused during netting, because these fishes truly hate being netted and will do anything to avoid it.

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