How is Easigrass installed?

How is Easigrass installed?

Order your free samples and get a quote today! We begin the installation process by firstly removing the existing earth, dirt, or sand down to the required depth, clearing out any unwanted plants, rocks and vegetation as we go. We then install brick (interlock) edging around the entire perimeter of the chosen area.

How much does artificial grass installation cost?

The average cost to install artificial grass is $12.33 per square foot. Homeowners can expect a typical price range between $5.50 and $18.75 per square foot….Artificial Turf Cost vs. Sod Cost.

Installation in a 500-square foot-yard $6,165 ( at $12.33 per square foot) $665 ( at $1.33 per square foot)

How much is Easigrass installation?

Re: Easigrass – your experience and costs The cost was around £1200-1500 I think for roughly 12-15 sq m.

Is Easigrass a franchise?

Easigrass are the UK’s leading Artificial Grass brand operating from HQ in London, nationally via a Franchise network and internationally through strategic brand licensing agreements. We supply and install the product internationally using our accredited installation teams.

Why is artificial grass so expensive?

Why does artificial turf cost so much? The answer lies in the installation process. While artificial turf is cheaper to maintain than grass, the installation is always more labor-intensive. After smoothing and compacting the base, we roll out your artificial turf and seam it together.

Where is Easigrass manufactured?

Handmade in England by the Easigrass team using specially patented artificial grass tiles; Gazebees come in a range of sizes to offer the ultimate al fresco dining and year-round outdoor entertainment experience.

Who are the companies that use easigrass grass?

Easigrass has worked with a vast number of high profile companies to create unique installations for promotional events, including Nike, Adidas, Rolls Royce, Royal Horticultural Society, BBC, Tatler Magazine, John Lewis, Chelsea Football Club and MTV.

What kind of edging do I need for EASI grass?

Fitting of edging detail to ensure your new Easigrass garden lawn has beautiful crisp brown edge surround, such as a sharp-formal or curved look. Laying, compacting, and then levelling an aggregate base using our specialist range of equipment.

Why is the installation of an officer important?

Installation of New Officers In an association no other ceremony is as important as that of installing the elected leaders. For those being installed it is a visible demonstration of their commitment and dedication to the organization. Those of us who witness this event also play an

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