How long does it take to walk over the Walkway Over the Hudson?

How long does it take to walk over the Walkway Over the Hudson?

about 2 hours
It should take the average person about 2 hours. over a year ago. over a year ago. Walking across and back is under 3 miles.

Do you have to pay for Walkway Over the Hudson?

3Is there any cost to visit the Walkway Over the Hudson? Visiting the Walkway Over the Hudson is FREE year-round, except during special events such as the Walkway Marathon, the July 4th Fireworks Spectacular and the Starry Starry Night gala. Check our event calendar to see more about our special events!

Is Walkway Over the Hudson plowed?

If you live anywhere near the Walkway and you haven’t visited yet, seriously, I have no idea what you’re waiting for. It’s beautiful at all times of year, and it’s one of the only hiking destinations that gets plowed in the winter, making it an excellent cure for cabin fever.

How long is the Mid Hudson Bridge walkway?

1.28 miles
The park provides access to the Hudson River’s breathtaking landscape for pedestrians, hikers, joggers, bicyclists, and people with disabilities. The bridge deck stands 212 feet above the river’s surface and is 6,768 feet (1.28 miles) long, making it the longest, elevated pedestrian bridge in the world.

How high is Walkway Over the Hudson?

Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park/Clearance below

Can you walk over Mid Hudson Bridge?

There is a safe walking path across the bridge, and you get great views of the Walkway over the Hudson, but the traffic is noisy and moves quickly, but at the pillars you can listen to the Bridge Music, which was a cool surprise.

How much does it cost to go over the Mid Hudson Bridge?

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Mid-Hudson Bridge is a toll suspension bridge which carries US 44 and NY 55 across the Hudson River between Poughkeepsie and Highland in the state of New York….

Mid-Hudson Bridge
Toll (eastbound only) passenger cars $1.75 cash, $1.35 E-ZPass
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap

Is the Hudson River Greenway safe at night?

Is the Hudson River Greenway safe? During daylight hours, it’s totally safe for families. At dusk or later at night, it’s wise to visit in groups. Much of the path is lit at night also.

How many miles is the Mid-Hudson Bridge?

Mid-Hudson Bridge/Total length

Where is the walkway over the Hudson Park?

Directions: By train: Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park is located just 4 blocks north of the Metro North and Amtrak station in Poughkeepsie. If the elevator is open, exit the station via the Water Street exit and walk north for five minutes to Upper Landing Park, on the left.

Is there an elevator at Poughkeepsie waterfront?

Elevator at Upper Landing Park: The 21-story, glass-enclosed ADA-compliant elevator on the Poughkeepsie waterfront at Upper Landing Park operates from 9 a.m. until 90 minutes before park closing time. When open, the elevator is staffed at all times. The beautiful ride to the top takes approximately 90 seconds.

Where is the Mid Hudson Museum in Poughkeepsie located?

Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum – located in Poughkeepsie, the museum boasts hands-on exhibits and interesting programs for the whole family. The museum is located at 75 N. Water Street in Poughkeepsie, next to Upper Landing Park and the Walkway elevator.

Where is the elevator at Hudson State Park?

Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park. The elevator is located at Upper Landing Park, a short walk from the Poughkeepsie Train Station. Call (845) 834-3641 to check the operating schedule of the elevator. The address for Upper Landing Park is 83 N. Water Street, Poughkeepsie, NY. Although there is no vehicular parking at Upper Landing,…

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