How long is P Company training?

How long is P Company training?

P Company delivers a condensed 4-day PPS course tailored to the requirements of the 4th Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (4 PARA) and other Reserve airborne units.

What tests are in P Company?

Eight Tests

  • 10 miler. A 10-mile (16 km) march conducted as a squad over undulating terrain.
  • Trainasium.
  • Log Race.
  • 2 Mile March.
  • Steeplechase.
  • Milling.
  • 20 Mile Endurance March.
  • Stretcher Race.

Which is harder P Company or commando course?

The Commando Course run by the Royal Marines at Lympstone, is more of a training course than P Company, but nevertheless a considerable test of stamina, endurance, military skill and the ability to continue operating when soaking wet, cold and hungry.

What is the pass rate for the parachute regiment?

What are the Parachute Regiment Combined Infantryman Course (CIC) Pass Rates for 2011-2-17?

Table 1: CIC PARA Pass Rates
Training Year 2011/12 2016/17
& Pass 30% 33%

What is the hardest course in the army?

Marine Corps Basic Training Largely considered the toughest basic training program of the United States Armed Forces, Marine training is 12 weeks of physical, mental, and moral transformation. Special attention is given to close combat skills and master marksmanship training (every Marine is a rifleman, after all).

How long is para training?

Soldiers must complete an initial 28 week period of training designed to transforms raw recruits into elite soldiers trained to kill. It includes a 60ft aerial assault course, carrying a 180lb metal stretcher for five miles and the feared log race – a two mile trek carrying a 60kg telegraph pole.

When is P Company test week in Parachute Regiment?

P Company Test Week is common to all three PPS courses and all Regular Parachute Regiment recruits and all regular and Reserve officers and other ranks undertake the same basic tests. Parachute Regiment recruits attempt Test Week at Week 21 of the CIC (Para) and All Arms candidates attempt Test Week after a two and a half week build-up phase.

How many events are scored in P Company test week?

Seven events are scored, one (the Trainasium) is a straight pass or fail. Each event is designed to assess a candidates physical fitness, mental robustness and determination. A candidate who fails to display the appropriate level of self discipline and motivation throughout Test Week will fail the course.

How long is the P company training run?

The run is about 4.5 miles long and is broken up with stretching intervals. In the afternoon the Officers on the course each gave a 5-minute presentation to the Officer Commanding P Company. We had been given our various topics about a week ago and they were typically related to each man’s cap badge.

How long is P Company in the Army?

‘P Company’ is a three day test that separates the Parachute Regiment from the rest of the Army and, after 11 weeks, only 20 of the 41 recruits who started remain to take the test. Two hours after…

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