How long is tech school for 2t131?

How long is tech school for 2t131?

Airmen will complete 8.5 weeks of Basic Military Training. After Basic Training, individuals will attend Technical School at Fort Leonard Wood in Montana for 30 days.

What is vehicle Operations in the Air Force?

The Vehicle Operations Job Specialty operates, cleans and services motor vehicles. Airmen vehicle specialists conduct pre-mission vehicle inspections and documents results and perform operator maintenance.

Does the Air Force have 88m?

TRANSPORTING ANYTHING AND EVERYONE Many Air Force operations depend upon ground vehicles in order to complete many aspects of their mission. It’s the responsibility of Ground Transportation specialists to transport people, supplies, munitions and outsized expeditionary forces.

Does Air Force have truck drivers?

Previously, Airmen were allowed to drive buses and tractor-trailers without having to attain a commercial driver’s license. Under the new program, Airmen will be certified to receive their CDLs when separating from the Air Force. Airmen are now required to have a CDL before driving buses and tractor-trailers.

What is airborne operations Air Force?

Airborne forces are ground combat units carried by aircraft and airdropped into battle zones, typically by parachuting. The main advantage of airborne forces is their ability to be deployed into combat zones without land passage, as long as the airspace is accessible.

What is TMO in the Air Force?

The Traffic Management Office is responsible for processing and managing moving cargo, shipments and Airmen around the world, as well as receiving supplies for the base, ensuring the Air Force can fulfill its mission anywhere in the world. (

How long is airforce tech school for air transportation?

29 days
Training. After passing all medical and physical tests, recruits will attend Basic Military Training for 8.5 weeks. Recruits will then attend Technical School at Fort Lee in Virginia for 29 days.

What does AFSC 2t151 stand for in the Air Force?

2T151—Qualification in and possession of AFSC 2T131: Also, experience performing vehicle operations functions such as inspecting, servicing, operating, scheduling, and dispatching vehicles; controlling equipment and performing custodial duties; or preparing, reviewing, and maintaining vehicle forms and records.

What kind of training is required for 2t1x1 vehicle operations?

Education: For entry into this specialty, completion of high school is desirable. Training: For award of AFSC 2T131, completion of a basic vehicle operations course is mandatory. The following experience is mandatory for award of the AFSC indicated: ( Note: See Explanation of Air Force Specialty Codes ).

What kind of job can you get with AFSC 2t191?

2T191—Qualification in and possession of AFSC 2T171: Also, experience managing vehicle operations functions such as vehicle dispatch, fleet management, registered equipment management, operator records, and licensing.

What is the Vehicle Operations Specialty in the Air Force?

The Vehicle Operations Job Specialty performs and manages vehicle operations functions and activities. Included are dispatching, operating, and servicing motor vehicles such as general and special purpose, base maintenance, and material handling vehicles.

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