How many of the Temptations are original members?

How many of the Temptations are original members?

En español | Otis Williams is the last of the five original Temptations who still tours with the group, which performs 35 weeks a year. There have been 22 replacement Tempts over the years, but Williams has been a constant throughout.

Is Melvin from the Temptations still alive?

Deceased (1942–1995)
Melvin Franklin/Living or Deceased

Who were the two producers who wrote the early hits for the Temptations?

After a slow start—with the addition of Ruffin and largely under the direction of songwriter-producers Smokey Robinson and Norman Whitfield—the Temptations turned out a string of romantic hits, beginning with “The Way You Do the Things You Do” (1964) and including “My Girl”(1964), “Get Ready” (1966), “Ain’t Too Proud …

What happened to all the Temptations?

How did the founding members of The Temptations die? A gun was found near his body, and his death was presumed to be a suicide. Eddie died of lung cancer in 1992, and Melvin was the most recent of the original members to die, suffering from a series of seizures that eventually led to his death in 1995.

What happened to Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops?

Stubbs died Friday at his home in Detroit, the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed. A series of illnesses that included a stroke and cancer had caused him to stop performing in 2000. “We have lost one of the great voices of the 20th century,” said Otis Williams of another Motown hit-maker, the Temptations.

Who are the cast members of Temptation Island?

Billy had been working in production at Turner Sports, but had quit the summer before he appeared on Temptation Island to pursue an acting career. Mandy was an aspiring actress and so were Taheed and Ytossie. Following the show, Billy, Kaya and Valerie all moved to Los Angeles.

Who are the original members of the Temptations?

In the 60’s the classic lineup—Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin, David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks and Paul Williams—creates some of the most memorable songs from the group’s extraordinary catalog of super hits. The first several years of their career, Smokey Robinson is the Temptations’ primary producer and song writer.

How old is Otis Williams of the Temptations?

To mark this milestone, the Temptations are releasing a brand-new album with new, original songs, plus they are planning to tour both in the U.S, dates to be determined, and in the UK, fall of 2021. Otis Williams, the sole surviving member of the original, classic lineup of the Temptations, will turn 80 years old on October 30 th of 2021.

Who was the sole survivor of the Temptations?

Paul would remain a lesser-known name than either Ruffin or Kendricks, despite his great vocal presence and pivotal role in the rise of the classic five-piece line-up, alongside Melvin Franklin and the sole survivor in the modern-day Temptations, Otis (no relation) Williams.

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