How many people can fit on a 767-300?

How many people can fit on a 767-300?

The 180-foot-long (54.9 m) 767-300 typically seats 269 passengers over 3,900 nmi (7,200 km), while the 767-300ER seats 218 over 5,980 nmi (11,070 km).

What is the difference between a 767 and 777?

Overall, the 777 is larger than the 767 in every way. However, size-differentiation is made complicated when we look at the 767’s largest variant (767-400) and the 777’s smallest (777-200). The 767-400 is just under eight feet shorter in length, while its tail height is just six feet shorter.

How many seats are on an Air Canada 767-300?

Air Canada Boeing 767-300 Seat Reviews. Economy has 187 seats in a 2-3-2 config; Business class has 24 seats in a 1-1-1 config; this is pretty standard for these aircraft. Legroom-wise, the Economy pitch of 32″ is average, the Business class pitch of 70″ is average, though of course what that means for you depends on how tall you are!

How many seats are in business class on Air Canada?

The economy cabin on Air Canada’s 767-300 features 187 standard seats in a 2-3-2 configuration. The premium economy cabin on Air Canada’s 767-300 features standard seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. The business class cabin on Air Canada’s 767-300 features 24 lie-flat seats in a 1-1-1 configuration.

Are there any reclining seats on Air Canada flights?

Solid choice, no seat reclining in front of you; may have extra legroom; no underseat stowage; traytable in armrest means narrower seat; armrests do not move. Add a review or Read more reviews… Be the first to add a photo!

Are there airphones in every seat on Air Canada?

Airphones accepting all major credit cards are in the bank of every seat (hospitality) or within arms reach (executive) and are equipped for in-coming and out-going calls. Executive class passengers have adjustable headrests, cushions and footrests, lumbar support and leg rest extensions as well as recline and massage facilities.

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