How many roofing nails are in a coil?

How many roofing nails are in a coil?

120 Nails/Coil.

What size roofing nails should I use for shingles?

If you’re using typical architectural shingles and 3/8-inch-thick sheathing, you’ll need 1‐inch nails. If your building codes require thicker sheathing, you’ll need 1 ¼-inch nails. When installing thicker shingles, you may need to use a longer nail in order to penetrate the OSB beneath fully.

What kind of nails are used for roofing?

The standard, cheapest and most commonly used roofing nails are smooth shank nails. They are generally made of aluminum, stainless steel or copper, and they’re not as strong. The shank length you need depends on the roofing material.

Do coil roof nails rust?

Stainless Steel Coil Nail Since they are stainless steel they will never rust, and you will not have to worry about roof leaks. The nails provide extra protection for long term wear as a precaution for any moisture that gets trapped under the shingles.

How many roofing nails do I need per square?

Generally, you should use four nails per shingle in the field of the roof, and 5 nails per starter shingle. For regular three-tab shingles, this would require 320 nails per square for field shingles.

How much does a box of coil roofing nails cover?

The actual usage will be 108 nails for every bundle in the field, so an estimate of 30 sq. per box of 7200 seems conservative until you factor in drip edge, hips, ridges, valleys and flashing.

Can roofing nails be too long?

Nail length Roofing nails should be long enough to penetrate the roofing material and go 19 mm into OSB, solid wood, plywood or non-veneer wood decking, or through thickness of decking, whichever is less. Some situations allow nails with less penetration above exposed soffits if extra nails are used.

What size nails do you use for ridge vent?

Install new ridge cap in normal manner, using 2-1/2” roofing nails, for 3/4” deck penetration or penetration through the deck, whichever is less. Nailing the ridge caps through the vent along the nailing line will secure the vent. Shingles may need to be trimmed.

Which is better roofing nails or staples?

Staple guns are smaller and better balanced. Coil nail guns are literally fed with a coil of nails, and the holder for the nails makes the gun much bulkier. Staples are far less prone to jamming up in a gun than nails. Staples cost less money.

Why are my roofing nails rusting?

Rusty Nails & Wind Damaged Shingles It’s extremely common for wind driven rain to get underneath your shingles after they’ve been damaged by the wind. Because roofing nails are made of galvanized steel they will rust once exposed to water.

What is the best roofing nail?

Stainless steel nails are good for fastening tiles and slate. Galvanized roofing nails, or steel nails coated in zinc, are perfect for asphalt shingles, and they hold up well against rust. Aluminum nails should be used for surfaces made out of metal and siding.

How do you estimate a roofing job?

To do this, measure the length and width of each plane on the roof, including dormers. Then, multiply length x width to get the square footage of each plane. Finally, calculate your roof’s total square footage by simply adding the square footage of each of the planes together.

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