How many Seven Hills hospitals are there in Mumbai?

How many Seven Hills hospitals are there in Mumbai?

SevenHills Hospital are three private hospitals, operating under central management, in Mumbai, Maharashtra and Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India….SevenHills Hospital.

SevenHills Hospitals
Opened 1986 (Vishakapatnam), 2010 (Mumbai)
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How can I go to Seven Hills Hospital from Andheri station?

Directions to Seven Hills Hospital (Andheri East) with public transportation

  1. Bus: 186, 22LTD, 290 LTD, 341, 398 LTD, 434, 443, 478 LTD, 489 LTD, A-22, A-434.
  2. Train: HR, WR.
  3. Metro: MM-1.

How many beds are there in Seven Hills Hospital?

SevenHills Hospital/Number of beds

How to contact SevenHills Hospital helpline in Mumbai?

Contact SevenHills Hospital 1 Helpline Services Mumbai Helpline Numbers 2 Emergency +91 – 22-6767 6766 3 OPD +91 – 22-6767 6722 4 Enquiry +91 – 22-6767 6767 5 Fax +91 – 22-6767 6718

How is Seven Hills Hospital in Andheri East?

Today I visited SevenHills Hospital with my grandfather who was on wheel chair, I was amazed to see the security man arranging for the wheelchair in minutes and an attendant was handling my grandfather till we sat in the car again, the attendant took care of him, a big thumbs up to the patient friendly atmosphere at SevenHills Hospital.

How many specialties does SevenHills Hospital treat?

SevenHills Hospital, under a single roof, treats domestic and international patients in more than 36 different specialties. Explore them here.

How to get priority admittance to SevenHills Hospital?

Priority admittance, discounts on diagnostics, investigations, wellness packages & medication, downloadable reports of medicine and health interactions with experts at SevenHills Hospital. Get an opinion. fill the form, upload your reports & get a revert within 48 working hours.

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