How many soldiers set off Eagle artillery?

How many soldiers set off Eagle artillery?

The Eagle Artillery is activated after 180 (level 1 and 2) or 200 (level 3 and 4) housing spaces worth of troops have been deployed, but Heroes and Spells also count as troops.

How eagle artillery works in COC?

The Eagle Artillery will light its eyes at first after 150 housing spaces worth of troops and will activate at 180 housing spaces worth of troops for levels 1 and 2. The housing space requirement to activate the Eagle Artillery increases to 200 at level 3.

How much health does Eagle artillery have?

The three volleys of the Eagle Artillery deals 750 or 900 damage in total; the Archer Queen can survive that if she’s Level 12+, but only if she hasn’t had to deal with other Defenses.

How much is the Eagle artillery?

Eagle Artillery Cost

Eagle Artillery Level Gold Cost Hitpoints
1 8,000,000 4,000
2 10,000,000 4,400
3 12,000,000 4,800
4 18,000,000 5,200

How many lightning and earthquake does it take to destroy a clan castle?

[Strategy] 5 max lightning spells and 1 earthquake spell can completely destroy a clan castle!!!

What is the max level Pekka for th11?

The level 10 Barracks, which is the level required to unlock P.E.K.K.A, has a P.E.K.K.A helmet on its roof. You can have a maximum of 12 P.E.K.K. As at one time in a complete set of fully upgraded Army Camps. This number increases to 13 if you include the 1 that can fit into a level 4 or higher Clan Castle.

Can you destroy a town hall with spells?

A level 10 Town Hall cannot be destroyed with this spell, but its health can be pulled down to 1,275 hit points using 1 Earthquake Spell and 5 Lightning Spells.

How long does it take to build Eagle artillery?

Eagle Artillery

Level Damage per Hit Build Time
1 300 7 days
2 350 10 days
3 400 14 days
4 450 18 days

How big is the Eagle Artillery in Clash of clans?

The Eagle Artillery has the fewest levels of any other defensive building in the game, having only 3 levels. The total area covered by the Eagle Artillery is approximately 7,700 tiles – more than 12 times the area covered by a ground-mode X-Bow and more than three times the area of your village.

Where do you get Eagle Artillery in RuneScape?

The Eagle Artillery is a very powerful defense that has a range that covers almost the entire map but has a blind spot similar to the Mortar, the Multi Mortar and the Scattershot. It is unlocked at Town Hall level 11. Like the X-Bow and Inferno Tower, it needs to be loaded to work.

When does the Eagle Artillery start to attack?

Eagle Artillery only start to attack when at least 180 housing spaces worth of troops are been deployed! After 150 housing spaces, the Eagle Artillery will light its eyes! It target Unit Troops in the area with the largest density of hitpoints!

How many housing spaces do you need for artillery?

Heroes and Spells that have been deployed regardless of level, will count towards the housing space needed to activate the Artillery. Each Hero is worth 25 troop housing spaces, and each Spell housing space is worth 5 troop housing spaces. Each Siege Machine counts as 1 troop housing space towards this number.

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