How many styles of Okinawan karate are there?

How many styles of Okinawan karate are there?

We would like to introduce you to five main styles: Goju-ryu, Uechi-ryu, Shorin-ryu (小林流&少林流), and Matsubayashi-ryu. Below you will find a short introduction to each style.

Is Okinawan karate real?

Karate (空手)is a martial art developed in the in what is now Okinawa, Japan. It was developed from indigenous fighting methods called te (手, literally “hand”; Tii in Okinawan) and Chinese kenpō. Karate is a striking art using punching, kicking, knee and elbow strikes, and open-handed techniques such as knife-hands.

Is Okinawan karate full contact?

Karate originated in Okinawa, as did the practice of full contact karate. Okinawan Karate basics include study of striking and blocking, and general body conditioning; karateka train to absorb and deflect blows to the legs, arms, and torso with minimal injury.

Is Shotokan Okinawan or Japanese?

Shotokan is a modern name given to the style of karate that developed from the Okinawan systems, and which was introduced to Japan in 1922 by Gichin Funakoshi, the father of modern karate. He was born in 1868, and studied karate from his childhood. His love of the art led the Okinawan to teach.

What are the three main karate styles of Okinawa?

WHAT ARE THE ORIGINAL KARATE STYLES? SHURI-TE. Shuri-te, literally “Shuri Hand”, is a karate style that has actually developed on the Okinawa Archipelago in Shuri City. NAHA-TE. Naha-Te, actually “Naha hand” is one of the initial styles that established around the port town of Naha, the contemporary capital of Okinawa. TOMARI-TE.

Why did Okinawan people use Karate?

People have been able to protect and preserve life and limb because of their training. Karate has allowed people an avenue of improving their physical fitness, respect and moral character. A good traditional Okinawan karate dojo preserves many good things from a culture that has developed and contributed karate to improve the world.

Is Goju ryu karate a good form of karate?

Goju-Ryu is considered to be highly effective and great art to start out with for general conditioning and all-around close-range skills. Another element of Goju-Ryu which makes it highly effective is its focus on body conditioning, somewhat like Kyokushin style karate (which was influenced by Goju-Ryu).

Are there weapons in karate?

There is a kubodo part of traditional Karate that teaches a number of weapons. The tonfa, nunchuck, sai, kama, knife and bow are a few weapons that would be effective against a knife or club attack.

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