How many tribal languages are spoken in Africa?

How many tribal languages are spoken in Africa?

With over 20 dialects, the language has grown so fast and is commonly used in other countries including USA, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Brazil, and Jamaica among others. There are more than 1500 African tribes and languages, and it might not be possible to exhaust all of them.

Is there a universal language in Africa?

Not only is Africa the second most populous continent in the world with over one billion people, but it is also home to the highest linguistic diversity in the world, with over 1500 different languages. The principle languages on the continent include Arabic, French and English.

How many ethnic languages are in Africa?

Languages of Africa. There are an estimated 2,000 languages spoken in Africa. The American linguist Joseph Greenberg argued that they fall into six major linguistic families: Afroasiatic stretches from North Africa to the Horn of Africa and Southwest Asia.

Which language is widely spoken in Africa?

The most widely spoken languages of Africa, Swahili (100 million), Hausa (38 million), Yoruba (20 million), Amharic (20 million), Igbo (21 million), and Fula (13 million) all belong to the Niger-Congo family. Learn more about the Niger-Congo language family on Ethnologue.

What laguage is spoken in Africa?

Swahili is the most spoken language in Africa, with over 100 million speakers. It is a Bantu language believed to have originated from other languages, mainly Arabic, due to historical interactions between Arabs from the Middle East and East Africans .

Which is the most widely spoken language outside Africa?

The Semitic languages are now the only branch of Afroasiatic that is spoken outside Africa. Some of the most widely spoken Afroasiatic languages include Arabic (a Semitic language, and a recent arrival from West Asia), Somali (Cushitic), Berber (Berber), Hausa (Chadic), Amharic (Semitic) and Oromo (Cushitic).

Which is the mother tongue of the Yoruba people?

It is the mother tongue of the Yoruba people in Nigeria, and has over fifteen dialects including Awori, Ijesha, Ilaje and Ila. It is a tonal language with three tones: high, mid and low, and forms part of the Volta-Niger branch of the Niger-Congo family of languages. To say hello in Yoruba, one says “Bawo”.

Where are the Austronesian languages spoken in Africa?

Various families of Nilo-Saharan languages (unity debated) are spoken from Tanzania to Eritrea and Sudan and from Chad to Mali. Austronesian languages are spoken in Madagascar. Khoe–Kwadi languages are spoken principally in Namibia and Botswana.

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