How many Velocity points do you need for a flight?

How many Velocity points do you need for a flight?

How many Velocity Points do you need to fly? The minimum Velocity Points you need is 7,800 points for a short one-way Economy Class redemption. A long-haul international Business Class redemption (e.g. from Australia to London) will need up to 139,000 Velocity Points.

How much is 100000 Velocity points worth?

Although there are some differences in the value of these rewards, each of your points would be worth between 0.65 cents to 0.66 cents per point (based on the “cost in cash” amounts).

Do Velocity reward points expire?

Velocity Points expire after 24 months of balance inactivity.

How much is 3000 Virgin points worth?

You receive a £16.50 discount on your Virgin Holidays package for every 3,000 Virgin Points you spend. This works out at 0.55p per point. Long term readers may remember that, when this offer launched 18 months ago, it offered £18 per 3,000 points.

Do Velocity points expire?

How do I spend 100000 Velocity points?

8 of the best uses of 100,000 Velocity Points

  1. Perth to Sydney/Melbourne three times in a lie-flat seat for 106,500 points.
  2. Virgin Australia ‘The Business’ from Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane to Los Angeles for 95,500 points one-way.
  3. Virgin Australia Business Class from Brisbane to Tokyo for 59,500 points one-way.

Can I transfer my Flybuys points to Velocity?

To be eligible to earn Velocity Status Credits or transfer your Flybuys points to Velocity, a member of the Flybuys household must link to a Velocity membership. Once linked, Flybuys points earned by the household can be manually transferred to the linked Velocity account by any member of the Flybuys household.

How do I stop my Velocity points from expiring?

How do I stop Velocity Points from expiring? To stop Velocity Points from expiring, you just need to earn or redeem one point within a 24-month period. It is as simple as that! This could be as easy as swiping your card at BP, transferring FlyBuys points to Velocity, or booking a reward seat.

What is the difference between flybuys and Velocity points?

flybuys points are worth a minimum of 0.5c per point, based on redeeming 2,000 of them at the checkout for a $10 discount on your shopping. When transferring flybuys points to Velocity, you’re purchasing Velocity Points at a rate of 870 per 2,000 flybuys points.

Where can I redeem my velocity points for flights?

As a Velocity member, you can redeem your Points for flights to almost 600 destinations worldwide. And with a low Points price and award-winning availability, Reward Seats offer the best value for your Velocity Points.

How do I earn velocity points with Virgin Australia?

Earn Velocity Points on eligible flights with Virgin Australia and our world-class airline partners. Earn Velocity Points when you make a booking with our global travel partners. Plus, use a Velocity Points earning credit card to make your purchase to earn Points twice – once with your card and again with the partner.

How are Status Credits different from Velocity Points?

They are different to Velocity Points in that they can only be earned in a few ways. The more Status Credits you have, the higher your membership tier. Each Status Credit you earn is valid for 12 months. An Eligible Sector is any flight that begins with a VA flight number and does not include Reward Seats.

How to calculate distance with Velocity Frequent Flyer?

With Velocity Frequent Flyer, you’d also begin by loading up the program’s ‘points tables’ – so using our Melbourne-Hong Kong example with Virgin Australia, look to the table which namechecks Virgin Australia at the top:

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