How much does Kshar Sutra cost?

How much does Kshar Sutra cost?

An advantage of Kshar Sutra is that consultation for the surgery only costs 200 to 300 rupees while treatment costs only between 1,500 to 2,000 rupees, well within the reach of every Indian.

Is Kshar Sutra treatment effective?

Kshara Sutra therapy is a minimal invasive Ayurvedic Parasurgical procedure and time-tested Ayurvedic technique in the management of Anorectal disorders. It is a safe, sure and cost effective method of treatment for fistula-in-ano, haemorrhoids and other sinus diseases.

Can I sit after Kshar Sutra?

Can I sit in the normal position after the procedure? Most patients are able to sit in the normal position after 2-3 days from the day after the procedure.

Can fistulas heal naturally?

Fistula tracts must be treated because they will not heal on their own. There is a risk of developing cancer in the fistula tract if left untreated for a long period of time. Most fistulas are simple to treat. Either the tract or fistula can be opened or the tract and the pocket inside are completely removed.

Is banana good for fissures?

However, if your digestion is not good, it might lead to several ailments like piles, fissures and colon cancer. Well, when it comes to treating piles, ripe bananas happen to be the best natural remedy to treat piles.

Which is the best surgery for fistula?

Treatment Anal fistula

  • Fistulotomy. The most common type of surgery for anal fistulas is a fistulotomy.
  • Seton techniques.
  • Advancement flap procedure.
  • LIFT procedure.
  • Endoscopic ablation.
  • Laser surgery.
  • Fibrin glue.
  • Bioprosthetic plug.

What is the best medicine for fistula?

A fistulotomy is the most effective treatment for many anal fistulas, although it’s usually only suitable for fistulas that do not pass through much of the sphincter muscles, as the risk of incontinence is lowest in these cases.

What are the benefits of Kshar Sutra therapy?

Kshar Sutra Therapy is used mainly in treating Piles (Hemorrhoids), Fissures, Fistula, Rectal Polyps and Pilonidal Sinus. What are the benefits of Kshar Sutra Therapy? High success rate, very less chances of complications and low recurrence rates are the main benefits that make it the most recommended treatment for anorectal diseases.

How is Kshar Sutra used to treat anorectal disorders?

Kshar Sutra Treatment or Therapy is an ancient Ayurvedic technique that is effective for treating anorectal disorders. It is commonly used for treating diseases such as pile, fissure, anal fistula. Kshar Sutra Treatment is less invasive than any other modern treatment.

What kind of thread is Kshar Sutra made of?

Kshar Sutra is a medical thread made of linen with a cover of herbal ingredients that include – Snuhi Ksheera, Apamarga Kshar and Haldi Churna. How Kshar Sutra (Thread) is prepared? A linen medical thread of size 20 is taken. Then it is spread on the hangers of a special kshar sutra cabinet with UV lamp.

How to treat piles and fissures in Kshar Sutra?

Take the same thread for 19th coating with Snuhi latex and now pass the wet thread through the finely powdered Haldi (Turmeric) Churna heap and ensure Haldi adheres to the thread uniformly. If the excess adheres, then shake the thread hanger gently allowing falling down the excess particles. Leave it for drying in the cabinet.

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