How much does Volvo roadside assistance cost?

How much does Volvo roadside assistance cost?

The cost for a one year membership is $99.99 and provides you with the following benefits: Towing to your nearest Volvo dealer up to 100 miles, or your Volvo dealer of choice within 25 miles* Battery Jump. Lockout Service.

Is Volvo assistance free?

If you have less than 12 months Volvo Assistance cover remaining you can have your Volvo Assistance renewed free of charge through the Volvo Service Promise. Our commitment entitles you to 12 months Volvo Assistance each time you have your vehicle serviced* by one of our Approved Service Centres.

Do new Volvos come with roadside assistance?

Volvo Roadside Assistance is a complimentary service when you purchase your new or Certified by Volvo and lasts for the entire timeframe of the warranty regardless of mileage. If your Volvo is not under a Volvo Warranty you can purchase Volvo Roadside Plus or by calling 1-800-638-6586.

How does Volvo Assistance work?

Volvo Assistance gives you three year’s free cover from date of vehicle registration or one year’s free cover from the date of purchase of a Volvo Selekt used car. Volvo Assistance covers the vehicle plus caravans and trailers – including anyone driving with your permission.

How long does Volvo assistance last?

How long will Volvo Assistance cover me for? Your Volvo Assistance cover will last for 12 months from the day it commences.

Do you get breakdown cover with a new Volvo?

Your Volvo Assistance service provides 3 years of comprehensive roadside assistance cover from the first date of registration for new vehicles* or 1 year of comprehensive roadside assistance cover from the date of purchase for Volvo Selekt used cars.

How much does Volvo Remote Start cost?

The DroneMobile app requires a subscription, but starts for just $5.99/month (significantly lower than OEM services).

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